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5. Process Improvement
5.3. Choosing and running an experimental design
5.3.3. How do you select an experimental design? Fractional factorial designs

Summary tables of useful fractional factorial designs

There are  very useful summaries of  two-level fractional factorial designs for up to 11 factors originally published in the book ‘Statistics for Experimenters’ by G.E.P. Box, W.G. Hunter, and J.S. Hunter (New York, John Wiley & Sons; 1978). and the book "Design and Analysis of Experiments " by Douglas E Montgomery  (New York, John Wiley & Sons , 1991) 

They have a difference in the notation for the design generators. Box, Hunter, Hunter use numbers and Montgomery use capital letters according to the following scheme:

Notice the absence of the letter I. This is usually reserved for the Identity matrix. 

For example, the Design Generator 6 = 12345 is equivalent to 

Note that the form of the designs follow the pattern explained in figures 9 through 12 above.

TABLE 3.17  Summary of Useful Fractional Factorial Designs


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