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5. Process Improvement
5.3. Choosing and running an experimental design


How do you execute the design?

A checklist for planning and running experiments Important practical considerations in planning and running experiments are 
  • Check performance of gauges/measurement devices first
  • Keep the experiment as simple as possible
  • Get the runs over with as quickly as possible
  • Check that all planned runs are feasible
  • Watch out for process drifts and shifts during the run
  • Avoid unplanned changes (e.g. swap operators at half time)
  • Allow some time (and back-up material) for unexpected events
  • Obtain buy-in from all parties involved
  • Maintain effective ownership of each step in the experimental plan
  • Preserve all the raw dataŚdo not keep only summary averages !
  • Record everything that happens
  • Reset equipment to its original state after the experiment.


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