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5. Process Improvement


Advanced topics

Contents of "Advanced Topics" section This section builds on the basics of DOE described in the preceding sections by adding brief or survey descriptions of a selection of useful techniques. Subjects covered are:
  1. When classical designs don't work
  2. Computer-aided designs
    1. D-Optimal designs
    2. Repairing a design
  3. Optimizing a Process
    1. Single response case
      1. Path of steepest ascent
      2. Confidence region for search path
      3. Choosing the step length
      4. Optimization when there is adequate quadratic fit
      5. Effect of sampling error on optimal solution
      6. Optimization subject to experimental region constraints
    2. Multiple response case
      1. Path of steepest ascent
      2. Desirability function approach
      3. Mathematical programming approach
  4. Mixture designs
    1. Mixture screening designs
    2. Simplex-lattice designs
    3. Simplex-Centroid designs
    4. Constrained mixture designs
    5. Treating mixture and process variables together
  5. Nested variation
  6. Taguchi designs
  7. John's 3/4 fractional factorial designs
  8. Small composite designs
  9. An EDA approach to experimental design
    1. Ordered data plot
    2. DOE scatter plot
    3. DOE mean plot
    4. Interaction effects matrix plot
    5. Block plot
    6. DOE Youden plot
    7. |Effects| plot
    8. Half-normal probability plot
    9. Cumulative residual standard deviation plot
    10. DOE contour plot
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