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Course Builder

NOTE: This software was written quite a long time ago and is not actively maintained. Due to the greatly changed security environment for web servers, this software may require modification to run in current web environments. It is not recommended that you download and try to use this software unless you have experience with web servers, cgi scripting, and Perl.
Software for Custom Packaging of the e-Handbook Material for Teaching

Course Builder is software for custom packaging of the e-Handbook material for teaching specialized courses. That is, you can extract selected pages out of the Handbook and bundle them into a single course.

Course Builder runs as a Perl-based CGI script. It has been tested in the following environments.

    Tested Environments
    Operating System Web Server Browser
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
    Mozilla 1.4
    Opera 7.1
    Netscape 4.7, 6.0, 7.0
    Sun Solaris 5.7 Apache Netscape 4.7, 6.0, 7.0

Note that Course Builder is not active on the NIST e-Handbook site. You will need to install both the e-Handbook and the Course Builder Perl scripts on a local web server to use Course Builder.

Additional Documentation The following documentation for Course Builder is available:
Acknowledgement The original version of the Course Builder Perl scripts were written by Barry Hembree and George Kaupus of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Christian Nieves, a 2003 summer student in the NIST Statistical Engineering Division, provided some additional coding and testing.
Running the Course Builder Once you have installed the Course Builder on your local platform, you need to do the following:
  • Download this current HTML page:

    Most browsers should have a "Save As" function. Use this and be sure to save as an HTML file (e.g., with Netscape 4.x, select "Source" for the type).

  • Edit this index.htm file. This file will contain a link to the Course Builder Perl script for both Unix and Windows platforms. Modify the link so that it points to the appropriate location on your local site and then uncomment this link.

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