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Engineering Questions with Flowcharts

The following engineering questions are modeled with flow charts that link to multiple places in the handbook.

  1. My process is not as reliable as I would like it to be, as I make adjustments, how can I verify that the reliability is improving?

  2. My manager asked me to develop a regression model for some data from a new process, what are the basic steps I should follow?

  3. I need a simple uncertainty analysis for measurements made on a test piece where there may be differences among gauges in our facility.

  4. Is a measurement process in statistical control?

  5. How can I tell if a set of data is consistent with a particular theoretical model?


Engineering Questions

The following engineering questions link to single pages in the handbook.

  1. What value of R2 indicates my model fits the data well enough?

  2. What design is appropriate for calibrating a set of 5, 3, 2, 1, 1 weights and how are the uncertainties claculated if I need to allow for changes in the measurement process over time?

  3. The measured capability of my process is 1.02. Is the process really capable of this or could this result simply be due to noise in the data?

  4. What is a good distributional fit for a set of numbers?

  5. Does the data have outliers?

  6. What is a typical value and what is the uncertainty for the typical value?

  7. How can I determine the uncertainty in situations for which there is not a simple mathematical formula?

  8. Does a factor have an effect?

  9. What are the most important factors?

  10. What are the best settings for factors?

  11. What is the best function for for relating a response variable to a set of factors?

  12. Are measurements coming from different laboratories equivalent?
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