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1. Division Overview

Lynne B. Hare, Chief
Statistical Engineering Division, CAML

The Statistical Engineering Division (SED) is a unit of the Computing and Applied Mathematics Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). SED collaborates in NIST measurement science and technology research programs to support US industry through design of experiments, statistical modeling, and analysis and interpretation of data. We participate in the Laboratory's interdisciplinary research and development teams to advance information technology; we contribute to the development of appropriate statistical methodology, building on a foundation of pertinent topics in probability and mathematical statistics; and we provide leadership and computational tools to facilitate the implementation of modern statistical design, analysis and process control procedures.

The Division operates from both, the Gaithersburg, Maryland and the Boulder, Colorado campuses of NIST with professional staff composed of Ph.D. and Masters degreed mathematical statisticians, of whom 16 are assigned to the Gaithersburg site and 4 are assigned to Boulder. This full-time staff is augmented by several faculty appointees, guest researchers and post doctoral students. A staff listing is among the following pages.

Divisional priorities are driven by the need to support the NIST mission in the areas of:

  • Promoting improved use of information technology through the NIST laboratories and out to industrial partners,
  • Engaging in fundamental research in measurement sciences,
  • Participating in the Calibration and Standard Reference Materials programs, and
  • Collaborating in high visibility projects of national interest.

This report provides technical summaries of some key project activities from January, 1995 to May, 1996 and a compilation of staff activities during that time. The project summaries are intended to provide a sampling or representative overview, not a representative summary of all Division activities. It is important that readers understand that all of this work is done collaboratively with other scientists and engineers, not by statisticians alone.

Indeed, there are many activities of SED that cannot be represented here. Additional information can be found on the SED World Wide Web Home Page by accessing the following URL:

Thank you for reading. We welcome your comments. Please address them to:

Lynne B. Hare
Chief, Statistical Engineering Division
Building 820, Room 353
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, MD 20899


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