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4.2 Statistics Workshop, Metrology for the Americas Symposium

Carroll Croarkin

Lynne Hare

Statistical Engineering Division, CAML

Norman Belecki

Electricity Division, EEEL

Laura Alvarez-Rojas

Centro Nacional de Metrologia, Mexico

The Metrology for the Americas Symposium brought metrologists from Central and South America together with instrument manufacturers, Fluke and Hewlett Packard, and staff from NIST and the Organization of American States. The intent of the one-day statistics tutorial was to introduce the participants to statistical methods appropriate for calibration services and reference material certifications. The tutorial started with a presentation and demonstration by Hare on Statistical Thinking for Business Improvement. Measurement assurance and the role of check standards in the measurement laboratory were covered by Belecki. Error models and uncertainty were covered by Croarkin, and a Spanish translation by Alvarez of NIST Technical Note 1297, "Guidelines for Evaluating and Expressing the Uncertainty of NIST Measurement Results," was made available to the participants. Alvarez also gave an overview of her experiences as a statistician at CENAM. The tutorial ended with a demonstration of statistical software packages for solving calibration designs and analyzing data from measurement processes.

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Date created: 7/20/2001
Last updated: 7/20/2001
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