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4.4 Statistical Software Workshops

Lisa Gill

Hari Iyer

James J.  Filliben

Jolene Splett


Nien-Fan Zhang

Statistical Engineering Division, CAML

To familiarize scientists and engineers at NIST with the capabiltities of statistical software packages, staff of the Statistical Engineering Division ran a series of workshops in Gaithersburg and Boulder on specific statistical packages. NIST staff were allowed to attend one or more workshops. Each workshop began with a 3-hour presentation on an individual package, followed in the afternoon by a 3-hour computerized session where the participants, with guidance from the lecturers, worked through a series of data manipulations and analyses. For purposes of comparison, the same set of data examples and statistical techniques were demonstrated with each package.

Preparations started with an announcement to the NIST staff of the intent and scope of the workshops, followed by a detailed table of statistical capabilities and hardware requirements for several statistical packages. Packages that were selected for presentation were:

1) BMDP New System for Windows 2) Minitab for Windows 3) SPSS for Windows 4) StatGraphics for DOS 5) Dataplot for DOS

Approximately 50 NIST staff members took advantage of the workshops and reported satisfaction with the lectures and hands-on demonstrations. A future workshop on SPlus will be given if there is sufficient interest.

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