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6.1.5 Working Papers

B.J. Biggerstaff (with R.L. Tweedie), Incorporating variability in estimates of heterogeneity in the random effects model in meta-analysis Statistics in Medicine, revision.

L.M. Gill, J.J. Filliben, S. Jahanmir, L. Ives, Effects of Grinding on Strength of Sintered Reaction Bonded Silicon Nitride.

M.S. Levenson and K. Eberhardt, (with W.T. Estler, S.D. Phillips, B. Borchardt, T. Hopp, C. Witzgall, M. McClain, Y. Shen, X. Zhang) Practical Aspects of Touch Trigger Probe Compensation, 1996.

M.S. Levenson, (with D. Bright, J. Sethuraman) Adaptive Smoothing of Images with Local Weighted Regression.

M.S. Levenson and M. Vangel, (with M. Behlke, R. Saraswati, E. Mackey, V. Mandic, S. Azemard, M. Horvat, M. Burow, H. Emons, P. Ostapczuk, S. Wise) Certification of Three Mussel Tissue Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) for Methylmercury and Total Mercury Content.

M.S. Levenson and M. Vangel, (with R. Scholten, R. Gupta, J. McClelland, R. Celotta) Laser Collimation of a Chromium Beam.

H.K. Liu, (with K. Ehara) Background corrected statistical confidence intervals for particle contamination levels.
H.K. Liu, (with J.T. Hwang) Testing for nonmodal error using high-dimensional empirical linear prediction.

M.G. Vangel, A User's Guide to RECIPE: A FORTRAN Program for Determining Regression Basis Values (version 1.0), 1995.
M.G. Vangel, (with A.L. Rukhin), New Methods for the Analysis of a Series of Similar Experiements.
M.G. Vangel, (with D.G.M. Anderson), Richardson's Algorithm and the Approximate Solution of Singular and Inconsistent Matrix Equations.

N.F. Zhang, Autocorrelation Analysis of Some Linear Transfer Function Models and Its Applications in the Dynamic Process Systems.

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