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2. Staff

Division Staff Lynne Hare - Chief
Stephany Bailey - Secretary
Raghu Kacker
Harry Ku, Intermittent
Robert Lundegard, Intermittent
Joan Rosenblatt, Intermittent
Andrew Rukhin, Faculty (U. of Maryland)
Stephen Samuels, Guest Researcher (Purdue U.)
Yudaya Sivathanu, Guest Researcher (Purdue U.)
Grace Yang, Faculty (U. of Maryland)

Measurement Process Evaluation Group
Carroll Croarkin, Group Leader
Mary Clark* - Secretary
Shirley Bremer, Intermittent
James Filliben
Janos Galambos, Faculty (Temple U.)
Lisa Gill
William Guthrie
Alan Heckert
Walter Liggett
Nien-Fan Zhang

Statistical Modeling and Analysis Group

Keith Eberhardt, Group Leader                BOULDER

Charles Hagwood Dominic Vecchia - Project Leader
Eric Lagergren Lorna Buhse - Secretary
Stefan Leigh Duane Boes, Faculty (Colorado St. U.)
Mark Levenson Kevin Coakley
Hung-kung Liu Hariharan Iyer - Faculty (Colorado St. U.)
Robert Mee, Faculty (U. of Tennessee) Jack Wang
Mark Vangel


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