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4.5 Construction Materials Reference Lab Statistics Course

Stefan D. Leigh

Hung-kung Liu

James J. Filliben

Mark Levenson

Statistical Engineering Division, ITL

The Construction Materials Reference Laboratory of NIST's Building Materials Division employs approximately 50 engineers, inspectors, and technicians. It provides cement, concrete and bituminous reference materials to nearly 500 voluntarily participating state and private laboratories, maintains databases of ASTM test method measurements, and engages in voluntary laboratory inspections. CMRL is increasingly being called upon to engage in a nationwide full-scale laboratory accreditation program, increasing its need for enhanced analytical capabilities. Multiple SED consulting sessions led to a suggestion that a course on data analysis geared to the needs of the CMRL might be appropriate. The result has been a series of lectures and class sessions covering a number of topics at an elementary level with content and examples deemed useful to the participants. 1. Introduction, EDA Graphics, Distributions April 28, 1995 Stefan Leigh

2. Sampling Distributions, EDA Graphics, Distributions May 12, 1995 Stefan Leigh

3. Review, Sampling Distributions, EDA Graphics, CCRL-AMRL Analyses May 25, 1995 Stefan Leigh

4. Review, Correlation, Poisson Distribution June 9, 1995 Stefan Leigh

5. Correlation June 30, 1995 Stefan Leigh

6. Regression 1 July 14, 1995 Stefan Leigh

7. Regression 1 August 11, 1995 Stefan Leigh

8. Regression 2, Gauss-Markov, Straight Line Statistics August 25, 1995 Stefan Leigh

9. Regression 3, t, Chi-Sq., F, Confidence Intervals & Inference for Straight Line September 22, 1995 Stefan Leigh

10. Hypothesis Testing November 11, 1995 Hung-kung Liu

11. Experiment Design December 1, 1995 Jim Filliben

12. Techniques for the Analysis of Designed Experiments January 19, 1996 Jim Filliben

13. The Chi-Squared Dist.: Properties, Uses, & Confidence Intervals February 2, 1996 Stefan Leigh

14. Multilinear Regression 1: Trivariate Regression March 1, 1996 Stefan Leigh

15. Multivariate Regression 2: F Dist. & Tests March 15, 1996 Stefan Leigh

16. Multivariate Regression 3: F Dist. & Tests, Leverage/Influence Statistics April 4, 1996 Stefan Leigh

17. ANOVA I April 26, 1996 Stefan Leigh

18. ANOVA II May 10, 1996 Stefan Leigh

19. Propagation of Error May 24, 1996 Stefan Leigh

20. Expressing Uncertainty of Measurement Results: The ISO and NIST Approach June 5, 1996 Mark Levenson

21. The Bootstrap June 7, 1996 Stefan Leigh

22. ANOVA III February 5, 1997 Stefan Leigh

23. ANOVA IV February 19, 1997 Stefan Leigh

23. ANOVA V March 5, 1997 Stefan Leigh

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