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4.6 Statistics for Scientists and Engineers: A Program of Short Courses

Mark Vangel

Jim Filliben

Mark Levenson

Keith Eberhardt

Will Guthrie

Stefan Leigh

Eric Lagergren

Nien-Fan Zhang

Statistical Engineering Division, ITL

Statistical concepts and methods are indispensable to research efficiency and planning as well as the characterization of uncertainty in measurements. Hence, the Statistical Engineering Division offers a program of short courses, primarily for the NIST community. The main objective of these courses is to develop an appreciation of the meaning and usefulness of basic statistical concepts and techniques, leading at least to the ability to interpret reliably statistical analyses performed by others. In addition, sufficiently motivated scientists or engineers will be able to learn to perform their own basic statistical analyses. Each course covers some aspect of statistics, with an emphasis on applications to science and engineering problems. Together, the following courses comprise a unified program in elementary applied statistics:

  • Introduction to Statistical Concepts
    Mark G. Vangel
    Monday 9-12, 2/26/96, 3/4/96, 3/11/96
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
    James J. Filliben
    Monday 9-12, 4/1/96, 4/8/96, 4/15/96

  • Statistical Intervals and Uncertainty
    Mark Levenson
    Monday 9-12, 4/29/96, 5/6/96, 5/13/96

  • Case Studies in Uncertainty Analysis
    Keith Eberhardt
    Tuesday 9-12, 5/28/96; Monday 9-12, 6/3/96

  • Regression Models
    William Guthrie
    Friday 9-12, 9/13/96, 9/20/96, 9/27/96

  • Analysis of Variance
    Stefan Leigh
    Friday 9-12, 10/11/96, 10/18/96, 10/25/96

  • Design of Experiments
    Eric Lagergren
    Friday 9-12, 11/8/96, 11/15/96, 11/22/96

  • Time Series Analysis
    Nien-Fan Zhang
    Tuesday 9-12, 1/7/97, 1/14/97, 1/21/97

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