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5.2 Engineering Statistics Handbook

Carroll Croarkin,
James J. Filliben,
William F. Guthrie,
Keith Eberhardt,
Jack C.M. Wang

Statistical Engineering Division, ITL

Paul Tobias,
Jack Prins,
Chelli Zey


Barry Hembree


Patrick Spagon


The Statistical Engineering Division is pursuing a joint project with the Statistical Methods Group of SEMATECH to develop and publish an electronic handbook on statistical methods for scientists and engineers. The handbook will be patterned after NBS Handbook 91, Experimental Statistics by Mary Natrella. The updated handbook is intended to provide modern statistical and graphical techniques which are appropriate for the problems confronting the U.S. industry, particularly the semiconductor industry, and the NIST laboratories.

The handbook will also be combined with menu-driven statistical software to offer its readers a flexible, guided statistics tool kit to allow incorporation of statistical methodology into scientific and engineering work with minimum effort. The navigation through the book is structured so that the reader can get to the appropriate material via outline, engineering question, flow-chart or statistical method. The first level outline is as follows:

Looking at Data (EDA)
Measurement Process Characterization
Manufacturing Process Characterization
Process Modeling
Process Improvement
Process/Product Comparison
Process Monitoring
Product and System Reliability
Glossary of Terms and Symbols
Index of Engineering Questions
Index of Examples
Index of Statistical Techniques

The public domain software, Dataplot, which was developed at NIST by J. Filliben, has been extended to a menu-driven system for this purpose. In the past year, there have been several enhancements to Dataplot to allow seamless integration between the software and the handbook when viewing with a WWW browser. A unique aspect of this integration is that it allows the reader to run analyses of sample data, or his own data, directly from the handbook using a Dataplot macro.

Four prototype chapters are under development, and sections of these chapters are being made available for internal review and comment. The four prototypes will be demonstrated for the SEMATECH Advisory Council in May and featured at an invited poster session sponsored by the American Statistical Association at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Anaheim, CA, in August.

In the coming year, the prototypes will be completed; Dataplot will be extended to support the examples in the prototypes; a common structure and navigation for the handbook will be put in place; guidelines for authors will be finalized; the prototypes will be revised to a common structure; and work will begin on the other chapters.

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Date created: 7/20/2001
Last updated: 7/20/2001
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