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6.1.4 Publications in Process

K.R. Eberhardt, (with R.L. Watters, Jr., E.S. Beary, J.D. Fassett), Isotope dilution using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) as a primary method for the determination of inorganic elements, Metrologia, to appear.

K.R. Eberhardt, (with S.D. Phillips), Guidelines for expressing the uncertainty of measurement results containing uncorrected bias, NIST Journal of Research, submitted.
K.R. Eberhardt and M.S. Levenson (with R.G. Gann), Fabrics for Testing the Ignition Propensity of Cigarettes, Fire and Materials, to appear 1997.

L.B. Hare (with G. Britz, D. Emerling, R. Hoerl, J. Shade) How to Apply Statistical Thinking Effectively, Quality Progress, to appear.

E.S. Lagergren, (with D.P. Bentz, E.J. Garboczi) Multi-Scale Microstructural Modelling of Concrete Diffusivity: Identification of Significant Variables, Cement, Concrete, and Aggregates, submitted.

E.S. Lagergren, (with S.G. Malghan, R.S. Premachandran, R.K. Khanna) An Improved Method of Silicon Nitride Powder Processing, Powder Technology, submitted.

S.D. Leigh (with D. Duewer, L. Currie, D. Reeder, H.K. Liu, J.J. Filliben, J.L. Mudd), Interlaboratory Comparison of DNA Autoradiographic Profiling Measurements. IV. Protocol Effects, accepted by Analytical Chemistry.
M.S. Levenson and K.R. Eberhardt (with W.T. Estler, S.D. Phillips, B. Borchardt, T. Hopp, M. McClain, Y. Shen, X. Zhang), Practical Aspects of Touch Trigger Probe Error Compensation, Precision Engineering, to appear 1997.
M.S. Levenson, Removing Quantization Noise Using Wavelets, Proceedings of the Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences of the 1996 Joint Statistical Meetings, to appear 1997.
M.S. Levenson, An Overview of Statistical Uncertainty Analysis, NIST Special Publication on the 1996 Measurement Quality Conference, to appear 1997.

W.S. Liggett (with K.W. Moon and C.A. Handwerker) An Experimental Method for Refinement of Solderability Measurement, Soldering and Surface Mount Technology, to appear.

W.S. Liggett (with A.R. Olsen, J. Sedransk, D. Edwards, C.A. Gotway, S. Rathbun, K.H. Reckhow, L.J. Young) Statistical Issues for Monitoring Ecological and Natural Resources in the United States, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, submitted.

H.K. Liu, (with J.T. Hwang) High-dimensional empirical linear prediction with application to quality assurance in industrial manufacturing, submitted to Technometrics.

H.K. Liu, High-dimensional empirical linear prediction, Advanced Mathematical Tools in Metrology III, to appear.

A.L.  Rukhin Linear Statistics in the Change-Point Estimation and Their Asymptotic Behavior, Canadian Journal of Statistics, Vol 24, 1996.

A.L.  Rukhin, (with M. Baron) Asymptotic Behavior of Confidence Regions in the Change-Point Problem, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Vol 47, 1996.

A.L.  Rukhin, Change-Point Estimation: Linear Statistics and Asymptotic Bayes Risk, Mathematical Methods of Statistics, Vol 6, 1997.

A.L.  Rukhin, Statistical Estimation of a Subspace in a Complex Space, Random Operators and Stochastic Equations, 1997.

A.L.  Rukhin, Information-Type Divergence When the Likelihood Ratio Is Bounded, Applicationes Mathematicae, Vol 26, 1997.

M.G. Vangel, ANOVA Estimates of Variance Components for Partially-Balanced Mixed Models, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, submitted.
M.G. Vangel, One-Sided $\beta$-Content Tolerance Limits for Mixed Models With Two Components of Variance, Technometrics, submitted.
A.L Rukhin and M.G. Vangel, Estimation of a Common Mean and Weighted Means Statistics, Journal of the American Statistical Association, revised.
M.G. Vangel and A.L. Rukhin, Maximum-Likelihood Analysis for a Series of Similar Experiments, Biometrics, submitted.
M.G. Vangel and M.S. Levenson (with M. Behlke, R. Saraswati, E. Mackey, R. Demiralp, B. Porter, V. Mandic, S. Azemard, M. Horvat, K. May, H. Emons, S. Wise), Certification of Three Mussel Tissue Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) for Methylmercury and Total Mercury Content, Fresenius' Journal of Analytic Chemistry, to appear 1997.

D.F. Vecchia, H.K. Iyer (with P.W. Mielke), Moments and p-value bounds for distribution free matched pairs tests, for The Journal of the American Statistical Association.

C.M. Wang, H.K. Iyer (with E.B. Brown), Tolerance intervals for assessing individual bioequivalence, Statistics in Medicine, in press.

C.M. Wang, (with C.T. Lam), A mixed-effects model for the analysis of circular measurements, Technometrics, to appear.

C.M. Wang, J.D. Splett, Consensus values and reference values illustrated by the Charpy machine certification program, Journal of Testing and Evaluation, to appear.

C.M. Wang, (with K.B. Rochford, A.H. Rose, P.A. Williams, I.G. Clarke, P.D. Hale, G.W. Day), Design and performance of a stable linear retarder, Applied Optics, to appear.

C.M. Wang, (with J.R. Juroshek, G.P. McCabe), Statistical analysis of network analyzer measurements, IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement, submitted.

C.M. Wang, (with P.A. Williams, A.H. Rose), Rotating-polarizer polarimeter for accurate retardance measurement, Applied Optics, submitted.

C.M. Wang, (with K.B. Rochford), Accurate interferometric retardance measurements, Applied Optics, submitted.

C.M. Wang, (with A.H. Rose, S.M. Etzel), Verdet constant dispersion in annealed optical fiber current sensors, Journal of Lightwave Technology, submitted.

G.L. Yang, The Kaplan-Meier estimator, Encyclopedia of Statistical Science, Wiley, 1997, to appear.

G.L. Yang, Le Cam's procedure and sodium channel experiments, Research Papers in Statistics and Probability, a Festschrift for Le Cam, 1997, Springer-Verlag, to appear.

G.L. Yang, Markov Chains and Nerve Impulses: An Interface between Statistics and Neurophysiology , A festschrift for S. Kotz., 1997, Wiley, to appear.

G.L. Yang, (with D. Pollard, E. Torgersen), Co-editor, Research Papers in Probability and Statistics: A festschrift for Lucien Le Cam,,1997, pp. 470, Springer, to appear.

G.L. Yang, Comparing censoring and random truncation via nonparametric estimation of a distribution function, Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy, II, Springer, E.D. Feigelson and G.J. Babu, eds, to appear.

G.L. Yang, (with S. He), The strong law under random truncation, submitted.

G.L. Yang, (with S. He), Estimation of the truncation probability in the random truncation model, Annals of Statistics under revision.

N.F. Zhang, Detection Capability of Residual Control Chart for Stationary Processes, Journal of Applied Statistics, to appear in 24(2), 1997.

N.F. Zhang, Autocorrelation Analysis of Some Linear Transfer Function Models and Its Applications in the Dynamic Process Systems, to appear in Lectures in Applied Mathematics: Proceedings of 1996 AMS-SIAM Summer Seminar.

N.F. Zhang, Estimating Process Capability Indices for Autocorrelated Processes, submitted for publication, 1996.

N.F. Zhang, A Statistical Control Chart for Stationary Process Data, submitted for publication, 1996.

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