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6.1.6 Acknowledgements in Publications

K.J. Coakley acknowledged in: Observation of Bose-Einstein Condensation in a Dilute Atomic Vapor, M.H. Anderson, J.R. Ensher, M.R. Matthews,C.E. Wieman, E.A. Cornell, Science, 269, 198(1995).

K.R. Eberhardt, J.J. Filliben, M.S. Levenson acknowledged in: J.E. Norris, G.A. Klouda, and E.M. Eijgenhuijsen, Ozone Calibration at NIST, presentation at National Conference of Standards Laboratories Workshop and Symposium, July, 1996.

K.R. Eberhardt, M. Vangel, and A. Rukhin acknowledged in: R.N. Kacker, N.F. Zhang and R.C. Hagwood, Real time control of a measurement process, Metrologia, 33 (5), 1996, pp. 433-445.

W.F. Guthrie acknowledged in: B.W. Mangum, E.R. Pfeiffer, G.F. Strouse, J. Valencia-Rodriguez, J.H. Lin, T.I. Yeh, P. Marcarino, R. Dematteis, Y. Liu, Q. Zhao, A.T. Ince, F. Cakrioglu, H.G. Nubbemeyer, H.-J.  Jung, Comparisons of Some NIST Fixed-Point Cells with Similar Cells of Other Standards Laboratories, Metrologia, 1996, 33, pp. 215-225.

E.S. Lagergren acknowledged in: R.R.  Zarr, Room-Temperature Thermal Conductivity of Expanded Polystyrene Board for a Standard Reference Material, NISTIR 5838.

S.D. Leigh acknowledged in: Extreme Wind Distribution Tails: A Peaks over Threshold'' Approach, E. Simiu, N.A. Heckert, Journal of Structural Engineering, 122(5), 1996, p. 546.

M.S. Levenson acknowledged in: S.M. Stigler, Statistics and the Question of Standards, Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Vol 101, 1996, pp. 779-789.

W.S. Liggett acknowledged in: D.S. Pallett, J.G. Fiscus, 1996 Preliminary Broadcast News Benchmark Tests, Proceedings of the DARPA 1997 Speech Recognition Workshop, to appear.

D.F. Vecchia acknowledged in: T.J. Bruno, K.H. Wertz, M. Caciari, Kovats retention indices for halocarbons on a hexafluoropropylene epoxide-modified graphitized carbon black, Analytical Chemistry 68(8) (1996).

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