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6.2.4 Lecture Series

K.R. Eberhardt, Uncertainty Analysis Case Studies, part of the series on Statistics for Scientists and Engineers, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, June 10 and 17, 1996.

L.M. Gill, Reference Materials: An Overview to Understand the Needs and Uses, CENAM, Queretaro, Mexico, October 28, 1996.

L.M. Gill, Reference Materials: Design Issues in the Certification of Reference Materials, CENAM, Queretaro, Mexico, October 29, 1996.

E.S. Lagergren, Design of Experiments, Statistics for Scientists & Engineers Series, Gaithersburg, MD, November 8, 15, and 22, 1996.

M.S. Levenson, Intervals and Uncertainty Analysis, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, April and May, 1996.

M.G. Vangel, Statistical Methods for Composite Material Basis Properties, a short-course presented at the Composite Materials Handbook meeting, Schaumburg, IL, September 12, 1996.

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