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4.2 Symposium on Visualization and Testing in Intrusion Detection

David L. Banks

Mark Levenson

Statistical Engineering Division, ITL

Joseph Konczal

Sharon Laskowski

Information Access and User Interfaces Division, ITL

Donald Marks

Computer Security Division, ITL

A symposium on issues and ideas in the use of statistical visualization methods for network intrusion detection was held on November 24, 1997 at NIST. The invited speakers were Roy Maxion, Carnegie Mellon University; Gene Spafford and Carla Brodley of Purdue University; K. Y. Tan of the University of Melbourne; David Banks, Mark Levenson, and Sharon Laskowski of NIST; Georges Grinstein of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell; and James Codespotte of the NSA. There were 74 attendees, drawn from government, industry, the armed forces, and academics. The symposium was organized by David Banks of NIST.

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