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5.2 On-line Engineering Statistics Handbook

Carroll Croarkin,
James J. Filliben,
William F. Guthrie,
Alan Heckert

Statistical Engineering Division, ITL

Paul Tobias,
Jack Prins,
Chelli Zey


Barry Hembree


Patrick Spagon

Motorola University

The Statistical Engineering Division is pursuing a joint project with the Statistical Methods Group of SEMATECH to develop and publish an on-line handbook on statistical methods for scientists and engineers which provides modern statistical solutions to problems confronting U.S. industry, particularly the semiconductor industry, and the NIST laboratories. The graphic on the facing page shows the first level outline for the handbook.

The initial inspiration for the project started with the idea of updating NBS Handbook 91, Experimental Statistics by Mary Natrella, and evolved to a document for browsing on the World Wide Web complete with supporting software.

The public domain software, Dataplot, developed at NIST by J. Filliben, is currently interfaced with the handbook. This software is coupled with detailed case studies that lead the reader through statistical approaches to scientific problems and encourage analyses of their own data.

All chapters are under development and some sections are available for internal review and comment. Usability testing protocols are also under development with the assistance of the Vizualization and Virtual Reality Group of the ITL.

During the past year, layout and navigation for  2000 pages of html text were put in place, and demonstrations of chapter materials and software were given for the managements of AMD, Motorola University and for the SEMATECH Advisory Council.

In August, 1997, the handbook was featured at an invited poster session sponsored by the American Statistical Association at the Joint Statistical Meetings. In March 1998, the handbook will be demonstrated to engineers at the Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuit Conference at NIST, and data on usability will be collected from volunteers.

In the coming year, all chapters will be completed; analysis macros for specialized case studies will be developed; the handbook will be interfaced with other statistical software packages; and a peer review process will begin. The handbook is supported by the Systems Integration for Manufacturing project.


Figure 32: The main page of the handbook showing entry points to the text

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