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6.1.4 Publications in Process

D.L. Banks (with S. Kotz and C.B. Read), Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Update Volume 3.

D.L. Banks (with G. Constantine), Metric models for random graphs, to appear in Journal of Classification.

D.L. Banks (with G. Constantine, A. Merriwether, R. LaPlante), Analysis of pairwise differences of DNA sequences, to appear in Journal of Nonparametrics.

D.L. Banks (with R.J. Olszewski) Estimating local dimensionality, to appear in Proceedings of the Statistical Computing Section of the American Statistical Association, 1997.

D.L. Banks (with W. Shannon) A distance metric for classification trees, to appear in the Proceedings of the 1997 Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics.

D.L. Banks (with W. Shannon) Combining classification trees using MLE, submitted to Statistics in Medicine.

K.J. Coakley, D.S. Simons, Detection and Quantification of Isotopic Inhomogeneity

K.J. Coakley, Statistical Planning for a Neutron Lifetime Experiment Using Magnetically Trapped Neutrons

J.J. Filliben, (with K.G.W. Inn, Z.C. Lin, M.K. Schultz, W.C. Burnett, G. Smith, S.R. Biegalski), Identification of radionuclide partitioning in soils and sediments: determination of best settings for the exchangeable fraction of the NIST standard sequential extraction protocol, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, submitted.

W.F. Guthrie (with M.W. Cresswell, N.M.P. Guillaume, R.A. Allen, R.N. Ghoshtagore, J.C. Owen III, Z. Osborne, N. Sullivan, and L.W. Linholm), Extraction of Sheet-Resistance from Four-Terminal Sheet Resistors Replicated in Monocrystalline Films having Non-Planar Geometries, Proc. of IEEE International Conf. on Microelectronic Test Structures, Kanazawa, Japan, March 23-26, 1998.

C. Hagwood (G. Mulholland, Y. Sivathanu). The DMA Transfer Function with Brownian Motion, a Trajectory/Monte-Carlo Approach, Journal of Aerosol Science and Technology, accepted.

C. Hagwood. A Probabilistic Approach to Exit from a Potential Well, Stochastic Processes and their Applications, submitted.

A. Heckert, (with E. Simiu and T. Whalen), Estimates of Hurricane Wind Speeds by the "Peaks Over Threshold" Approach, Journal of Structural Engineering, to appear.

A. Heckert, (with E. Simiu), Wind Direction and Hurricane-Induced Ultimate Wind Loads, International Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Dynamics, to appear.

A. Heckert, (with J.J.. Filliben), DATAPLOT Reference Manual, Volume I: Commands, NIST Handbook 148, to appear.

A. Heckert, (with J.J.. Filliben), DATAPLOT Reference Manual, Volume II: LET Subcommands and Library Functions, NIST Handbook 148, to appear.

E.S. Lagergren, (with M.J. Simon, K.A. Snyder) Concrete Mixture Optimization Using Statistical Mixture Design Methods, Proc. of PCI/FHWA International Symposium on High-Performance Concrete, accepted.

E.S. Lagergren, (with D.P. Bentz, E.J. Garboczi) Multi-Scale Microstructural Modelling of Concrete Diffusivity: Identification of Significant Variables, Cement, Concrete, and Aggregates, accepted.

E.S. Lagergren, (with R.R. Zarr) Development of Thermal Insulation Standard Reference Materials Using "Good" Experiment Design", Proc. of 24th International Thermal Conductivity Conference and 12th International Thermal Expansion Symposium, accepted.

E.S. Lagergren, (with P.Over) Comparing Interactive Information Retrieval Systems Across Sites: The TREC-6 Interactive Track Matrix Experiment,21st International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research & Development in Information Retrieval, submitted.

E.S. Lagergren, (with S.G. Malghan, R.S. Premachandran, R.K. Khanna) An Improved Method of Silicon Nitride Powder Processing, Powder Technology, submitted.

H.K. Liu, (with J.T. Hwang) High-dimensional empirical linear prediction with application to quality assurance in industrial manufacturing, submitted to Technometrics.

H.K. Liu, (with D.L. Duewer, S. Niezgoda, D.J. Reeder) Graphical tool for RFLP measurement quality assurance: single-locus tolerance charts, under submission.
M.G. Vangel, ANOVA Estimates of Variance Components for Quasi-Balanced Mixed Models, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, to appear.
M.G. Vangel and A.R. Rukhin, Maximum-Likelihood Analysis for Heteroscedastic One-Way Random Effects ANOVA in Interlaboratory Studies, Biometrics, to appear.
M.G. Vangel and A.L. Rukhin, Maximum-Likelihood Estimation for a One-Way Heteroscedastic ANOVA Model, With Applications to Interlaboratory Studies, Proceedings of the Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences, American Statistical Association, to appear.
M.G. Vangel, Saddlepoint Approximations for the Joint Distribution of the Mean and an Extremum, With Applications to Quality Control, Proceedings of the Third Army Conference on Applied Statistics, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, to appear.
Mark G. Vangel (with Walter J. Rossiter and Kevin M. Kraft), Performance of Tape-Bonded Seams of EPDM Membranes: Comparison of the Creep-Rupture Performance of Tape-Bonded and Adhesive-Bonded Samples as Affected by Test Temperature, Exposure Prior to Testing, Cold Temperature Preparation, and Shear Loading, NIST Building Science Series, to appear.
Mark G. Vangel (with Walter J. Rossiter and Kevin M. Kraft), Performance of Tape-Bonded Seams of EPDM Membranes: a Field Investigation, Proceedings of the Xth Congress of the International Waterproofing Association, to appear.
M.G. Vangel, One-Sided $\beta$-Content Tolerance Limits for Mixed Models With Two Components of Variance, Technometrics, submitted.
A.L. Rukhin, B.J Biggerstaff and M.G. Vangel, Restricted Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Common Mean and the Mandel-Paule Algorithm, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, submitted.

C.M. Wang, (with C.A. Hamilton), The fourth interlaboratory comparison of 10 V Josephson voltage standards in North America, Metrologia, 35, (1), 1998, in press.

C.M. Wang, (with J.R. Juroshek, G.P. McCabe), Statistical analysis of network analyzer measurements, CAL LAB, The International Journal of Metrology, to appear.

C.M. Wang, (with P.A. Williams), Corrections to fixed analyzer measurements of polarization mode dispersion, Journal of Lightwave Technology, to appear.

N.F. Zhang, Estimating process Capability Indices for Autocorrelated Data, Journal of Applied Statistics, to appear.

N.F. Zhang, Combining Process Capability Indices, 1997 Proceedings of the Section on Quality and Productivity of American Statistical Association, to appear.

N.F. Zhang, A Multivariate Exponentailly Weighted Moving Average Control Chart for Stationary process Data, submitted for publication.

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