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6.1.2 NIST Technical Reports

C. Croarkin (with J. R. Ehrstein), Standard Reference Materials: The Certification of 100 mm Diameter Silicon Resistiviaty SRMs 2541 through 2547 using Dual-Configuration Four-Point Probe Measurements, NIST SP 260-131, August 1997, 84p.

M.G. Vangel (with W.J. Rossiter, E. Embree, K.M. Kraft, and J.F. Seiler), Performance of Tape-Bonded Seams of EPDM Membranes: Factors Affecting the Creep-Rupture Response of Tape-Bonded and Liquid-Adhesive Bonded Seams, NIST Building Science Series 177, 1998.

M.G. Vangel and J.J. Filliben (with W.J. Rossiter and K.M. Kraft), Performance Tape-Bonded Seams of EPDM Membranes: Effect of Material and Application Factors on Peel Creep-Rupture Response, NIST Building Science Series, 176, 1997.

M.G. Vangel (with K.L. Stricklett), Analysis of Proposals for Compliance and Enforcement Testing Under the New Part 431; Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations, NISTIR 6092, 1997.

C.M. Wang, (with S.L. Gilbert, W.C. Swann), Standard reference materials: hydrogen cyanide H13C14N absorption reference for 1530-1560 nm wavelength calibration - SRM 2519, NIST Special Publication 260-137, 1998.

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