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6.1.4 Publications in Process

D.L. Banks (co-editor with S. Kotz and C.B. Read), Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Update Volume 3, 1999. In press.

D.L. Banks, P. Over, N.-F. Zhang, Blind Men and Elephants, Journal of Information Retrieval, 1, 1999. Accepted.
D.L. Banks (with W. Shannon), Combining Classification Trees Using MLE, Statistics in Medicine, 1999. Accepted.

P.R. Huffman, C.R.Brome, J.S.Butterworth, K.J.Coakley, M.S.Dewey, S.N.Dzhosyuk, D.M.Gilliam, R.Golub, G.L.Greene, K. Habicth, S.K. Lamoreaux, C.E.H. Mattoni, D.N.McKinsey, F.E. Wietfeldt and J.M. Doyle. Progress Towards Magnetic Trapping of Ultracold Neutrons, in submission.

C.  Croarkin (with G. W.  Mulholland, N. P.  Bryner), Measurement of the 100 nm NIST SRM 1963 by Differential Mobility Analysis for a technical journal.
C.  Croarkin, Chapter on Measurement Process Characterization in the NIST SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Handbook, P.  Tobias and C.  Croarkin, editors, for distribution on the world wide web.

L.M. Gill, (with V. Iyengar, R. Greenberg, J. Colbert, W. Wolf) Certification of Proximate Constituents, Minor, and Trace Elements in Standard Reference Material, SRM 1548a: Typical Diet, Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) International, submitted.

L.M. Gill, (with K.E. Sharpless, M. Arce-Osuna, J. Brown Thomas) Value Assignment of Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopherol, and Carotenoid Concentrations in Standard Reference Material 2383: Baby Food Composite, Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) International, to appear.

L.M. Gill, (with K.E. Sharpless, S.A. Margolis, S.A. Wise) Certification of Nutrient Concentration in Standard Reference Material 2383: Baby Food Composite, Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) International, to appear.

W.F. Guthrie, (with M.W. Cresswell, N.M.P. Guillaume, W.E. Lee, R.A. Allen, R.N. Ghoshtagore, Z. Osborne, N. Sullivan and L.W. Linholm) Extraction of Sheet Resistance from Four-Terminal Sheet Resistors Replicated in Monocrystalline Films with Non-Planar Geometries, IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, to appear.

C. Hagwood, (witb G. Mulholland, Y. Sivathanu) The DMA Transfer Function with Brownian Motion a Trajectory/Monte Carlo Approach, Aerosol Science and Technology, to appear.

C. Hagwood, (with R. Clough, R. Fields) Estimation of the Stress Threshold for the Weibull Inverse Power Law, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, to appear.

M.S. Levenson and K.J. Coakley, Adaptive Use of Prior Information in Inverse Problems: An Application to Neutron Depth Profiling, in submission.

M.S. Levenson (with S.A. Margolis), Water Saturated 1-Octanol, a Calibrant at Microgram Water Levels for Karl Fischer Reagents and Instruments, in submission.

H.K. Liu, (with K. Ehara) Background corrected statistical confidence intervals for particle contamination levels, Proceedings of the Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences of the 1998 Joint Statistical Meetings, to appear.

H.K. Liu, (with J.T. Hwang) High-dimensional empirical linear prediction with application to quality assurance in industrial manufacturing, submitted to Technometrics.

H.K. Liu, (with D.L. Duewer, S. Niezgoda, D.J. Reeder) Graphical tool for RFLP measurement quality assurance: single-locus tolerance charts, under submission.

M.G. Vangel, Discussion of Simultaneous Nonparametric Prediction Intervals by C.B. Davis and R.J. McNichols, Technometrics, to appear, 1999.

M.G. Vangel, The Joint Distribution of the Mean and an Extremum of a Normal Sample, With Applications to Quality Control, Proceedings of the Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences, American Statistical Association, to appear.

M.G. Vangel, Saddlepoint Approximations for the Joint Distribution of the Mean and an Extremum, With Applications to Quality Control, Proceedings of the Third Army Conference on Applied Statistics, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, to appear.

M.G. Vangel, A.L.  Rukhin and S.D.  Leigh (with McKenna, G.B., B. Lotz, C. Straupe), The $\tau$-Effective Paradox Revisited: An Extended Analysis of Kovacs' Volume Recovery Data for Poly(Vinyl Acetate),Polymer, to appear.

M.G. Vangel (with D.L. Poster, M.M. Schantz, and S.A. Wise) Analysis of Urban Particulate Standard Reference Materials for the Determination of Chlorinated Organic Contaminants and Additional Chemical and Physical Properties, Fresenius J. Anal. Chem, to appear.

M.G. Vangel (with W.R. Rossiter and K.M. Kraft), Performance of Tape-Bonded Seams of EPDM Membranes: Resistance to Peel-Creep, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Durability of Building Materials, to appear.

M.G. Vangel (with W.R. Rossiter and K.M. Kraft), Field Performance of Tape-Bonded EPDM Seams, Roofing and Building Insulators Contractors Guide, to appear.

A.L. Rukhin, M.G. Vangel (with B. Biggerstaff), Restricted Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Common Mean and the Mandel-Paule Algorithm, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, submitted.

M.G. Vangel, One-Sided $\beta$-Content Tolerance Limits for Mixed Models with Two Components of Variance, Technometrics, submitted.

M.G. Vangel (with D.L. Poster, M.M. Schantz, and S.A. Wise), Analysis of Standard Reference Material 1649A, Organics in Urban Dust, for the Determination of Chlorinated Organic Contaminants Associated With Atmospheric Particulate Matter, Environmental Science and Technology, submitted.

Grace L. Yang, Some recent developments in nonparametric inference for right censored and randomly truncated data, C.R. Rao & Gabor J. Szekely, eds., invited paper to appear in Statistics of the 21st Century, 1999.

Grace L. Yang, (with Stefan D. Leigh, John F Widman, S. Rao Charagundla, Cary Presser) Analysis of the sampling behavior of a phase Doppler interferometer, to appear in the Proceedings of the 37th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 1999, pp.9.

N.F. Zhang, Comparisons of Control Charts for Autocorrelated Data, to appear in 1998 Proceedings of the Section on Quality and Productivity of American Statistical Association

N.F. Zhang, Effects of Using Generalized Moving Averages of Stationary Process Data and Their Application , submitted for publication.

N.F. Zhang,(M.T. Poteck, R.D. Larrabee, A.E. Vladar, W.J. keery, S.N. Jones), Image Sharpness Measureemnt in Scanning Electron Microscope - Part III, submitted for publication.

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