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6.2.3 Workshops for Industry

C.  Croarkin, M.  Levenson, C. M.  Wang, Workshop on Uncertainty Analysis given in conjunction with the 1998 Measurement Science Conference, Doubletree Hotel, Pasadena, California, Feb.  2-3, 1998.
C.  Croarkin, M.  Levenson, Workshop on Easy and No-so-easy Methods of Uncertainty Analysis given in conjunction with the 1999 Measurement Science Conference, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California, Jan.  25-26, 1999.

M.S. Levenson, Statistical Considerations in Calibration, Baltimore Section of American Society for Quality, Baltimore, MD, February, 1998.

M.S. Levenson, The ISO/NIST Uncertainty Policy, Laser Measurements Course, Boulder, CO, August, 1998.

M.C. Croarkin, M.S. Levenson, Easy and Not-So-Easy Uncertainty Analysis, Measurement Science Conference, Anaheim, CA, January, 1999.

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