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6.2.4 Lecture Series

D.L. Banks, Shortcourse on Nonparametric Regression, NIST, February 1998.

D.L. Banks, A Three Hour Tour of Statistics, NIST, February 1998.

D.L. Banks, Mark Levenson, and Mark Vangel, Shortcourse on Uncertainty in Measurement, NIST, June 1998.

D.L. Banks and Mark Levenson, Shortcourse on Nonparametric Regression for Data Mining, annual meeting of KDD-98, New York, NY. August 1998.

J.J. Filliben, Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistics for Scientists and Engineers Seminar Series, January 19, 20, 26, 27, and 29, 1999.

J.J. Filliben and H.S. Bennett, A Regression Case Study: The Non-Linear Modeling of a 2-Dimensional Family of Curves Involving p-Type Semiconductor Electron Mobility, Statistical Engineering Division Case Studies Series, December 14, 1998.

W.F. Guthrie, Regression Models, Statistics for Scientists Seminar Series, October 13, 15, 20, 22 and 29, 1998.

H.K. Liu, Hypothesis Tests, two day tutorial to the NIST scientists and engineers, NIST, June, 1998.

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