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5.2 NIST/SEMATECH Engineering Statistics
Internet Handbook

Carroll Croarkin, James J.Filliben, William F.Guthrie, Alan Heckert
Statistical Engineering Division, ITL

Paul Tobias, Jack Prins, Chelli Zey

Barry Hembree

Ledi Trutna
Consultant to Motorola University

The Statistical Engineering Division is in the final stages of a joint project with the Statistical Methods Group of SEMATECH in developing a hyper-linked web document for constructing experiments and analyzing data in order to improve and document measurement and production processes. It is unique in allowing the reader to access statistical software from within its pages to analyze case studies in the Handbook or to reproduce the analyses on other data.

The public domain software, Dataplot, developed at NIST by J. Filliben, is coupled with the case studies in the Handbook. The graphic on the facing page is a page from a case study showing how to construct a calibration curve from data on instrument deflection as a function of load.

In May, William Guthrie, Carroll Croarkin and Paul Tobias were invited to Ford Motor Co. by Dr. Steve Zayac (Transmission Div.) to discuss implementing the Handbook as a standard for training in design of experiments and analysis of data within the Ford community. The statisticians demonstrated the operation of the Handbook and a script for building an individualized course from selected Handbook materials to Ford engineers and managers in the US and Europe. A technical representative of MathSoft demonstrated the interface of statistical software package, Splus, with the Handbook and showed a MathSoft case study on reliability that mimicked the Handbook format.

In August, 1999, the handbook was demonstrated at a poster session, sponsored by the American Statistical Association at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Baltimore, MD.

A beta version of the handbook was released to the public for comment in September 1999 at A large number of comments and inquires have been received about the availability of a hardcopy version and down-loadable files. There are no plans to release a hardcopy version because of the hyperlinked nature of the document.

Current plans are for public release of web pages and CD ROM at the end of the year. During the interim, the handbook team will: i) enlist the services of a technical editor to integrate the eight chapters into a smoothly flowing document; ii) address issues of accessibility; and iii) produce generic scripts that enable vendors of statistical software to easily link their products to the Handbook.

\epsfig{file=/proj/sedshare/panelbk/2000/data/programs/,width=6.0in} \end{figure}

Figure 21: A case study from the chapter on Process Modeling showing the use of Dataplot to create a calibration curve for deflection as a function of load

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