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6.1.2 NIST Technical Reports

K.J.Coakley with (Y.W.Cheng, R.L.Tobler, B.J.Filla),Constitutive Behavior Modeling of Steels Under Hot-Rolling Conditions, NIST Technical Note 1500-6, Materials Reliability Series, 105 pages, April, 1999.

K.J.Coakley, A.V.Clark, C.S.Hehman, Empirical Modeling of Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer Data, NISTIR 5087, 15 pages, August, 1999.

C. Croarkin (with J. R. Ehrstein), Standard Reference Materials: The Certification of 100 mm Diameter Silicon Resistivity SRMs 2541 through 2547 using Dual-Configuration Four-Point Probe Measurements, 1999 edition, NIST SP 260-131, June 1999, 106p.

M.S. Levenson (with W.M. Pitts, C.D. Richards), Large- and Small-Scale Structures and Their Interactions in an Axisymmetric Turbulent Jet, NIST IR 6393.

C.M. Wang, (with S.L. Gilbert, W.C. Swann) Standard Reference Materials: Hydrogen Cyanide H13C14N Absorption Reference for 1530-1560 nm Wavelength Calibration - SRM 2519, NIST Special Publication 260-137, 1998.

C.M. Wang, (with P.D. Hale) Calibration Service of Optoelectronic Frequency Response at 1319 nm for Combined Photodiode/RF Power Sensor Transfer Standards, NIST Special Publication 250-51, 1999.

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