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6.1.4 Publications in Process

K.J. Coakley, The Warmest Day of Any Week Tends to be the First or Last Day of that Week, to appear in the February 2000 issue of the Bulletin  of  the  American Meteorological  Society

K.J.Coakley, A.V.Clark, C.S.Hehman, Empirical Modeling of Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer Data, accepted for publication in Measurement  Science  and  Technology

K.J.Coakley with (A.V.Clark, C.S.Hehman, and P.A.Fuchs), The Effect of Material Inhomogeneity on Ultrasonic Stress Measurements Using a Small-Aperture EMAT, submitted to Ultrasonics

K.J.Coakley and P.Hale, Alignment of Noisy Signals, submitted to the IEEE Transactions on  Instrumentation  and  Measurement

C.  Croarkin (with G. W.  Mulholland, N. P.  Bryner), Measurement of the 100 nm NIST SRM 1963 by Differential Mobility Analysis accepted in a technical journal.
C.  Croarkin (with G. W.  Mulholland), Specific Extinction Coefficient for Flame Generated Smoke, in draft.

W.F. Guthrie (with B.W. Mangum and G.F. Strouse), Report to the CCT on Key Comparison 3 (Comparison of the Realization of the ITS-90 over the Range 83.8058 K to 933.473 K), Report of the Comité Consultatif de Thermométrie and Metrologia, to appear.

C. Hagwood, (with L. Rosenthal) Reliability of Conformance Tests, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, submitted.

C. Hagwood, (D. Shephard, R. Fields), Evaluation of Lead-Free Soldered Joints, Journal of Testing and Evaluation, submitted.

R.N. Kacker, N.F.  Zhang, On line Control Using Integrated Moving Average Model for Manufacturing Errors Journal of Applied Statistics, submitted.

R.N. Kacker, A Method to Quantify Uncertainty Due to Bias in Chemical Analysis, Proceeding of the Year 2000 Measurement Science Conference on CD-ROM, Anaheim, CA., submitted.

S.D. Leigh, (with C.M. Chernick, K. Mills, R. Toense) Testing the Ability of Speech Recognizers to Measure the Effectiveness of Encoding Algorithms for Digital Speech Transmission, Computer Speech and Language (UK), to appear.

S.D. Leigh, (with J. Verkouteren) New Low-Index Liquid Refractive Index Standard: SRM 1922, Fresenius' Journal of Analytical Chemistry, to appear.

S.D. Leigh, (with R.D. Shull, R.D. McMichael, L.J. Swartzendruber) Absolute Magnetic Moment Measurements of Nickel Spheres, Journal of Applied Physics, to appear.

W.S. Liggett (with S.R. Low, D.J. Pitchure, and J. Song), Capability in Rockwell C scale hardness, to appear in the NIST Journal of Research.

C.M. Wang, (with C.N. McCowan, T.A. Siewert, D.P. Vigliotti) Reference Materials for Weld Metal Ferrite Content: Gage Calibration and Material Characterization, submitted to Welding Journal.

G.L. Yang with K.J. Coakley, Likelihood Models for Two-Stage Lifetime Experiments, to be submitted to Physical Review E, pp. 25

G.L. Yang, (with S. He), The strong convergence of the integrals with respect to the product-limit estimate under random truncation and censoring, to appear in Statistics and Probability Letters, pp. 15.

J.H. Yen, An Estimate of Effect Size based on the Mann-Whitney Statistic, submitted for publication.

N.F. Zhang, Statistical Control Charts for Monitoring the Mean of a Stationary Process, submitted for publication.

N.F. Zhang, Effects of Using Generalized Moving Averages of Stationary Process Data and Their Application, submitted for publication.

N.F. Zhang,(with M.T. Postek, A.E. Vladar, R. D.  Larrabee), Potentials of Online Scanning Electron Microscope Performance Analysis using NIST Research Material 2091, 2000 Proceedings SPIE, to appear.

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