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Dataplot: Elementary Functions

Introduction The following tables list the available elementary functions in Dataplot. For convenience, these functions are divided into real and complex functions.

Available Real Elementary Functions
Real Elementary Functions
ABS(X) absolute value
CEIL(X) ceiling function
DECOCT(X) decimal-to-octal conversion
DIM(X,Y) positive difference (i.e., x-min(x,y))
FLOOR(X) floor function (STEP is a synonym)
FRACT(X) fractional portion of a real number
GCD(X1,X2) greatest common divisor function
HEAVE(X,C) heavside function (=1 if X >= C, 0 otherwise)
IND(X,Y) indicator function (=> 1 if x=y, else 0)
INT(X) integer portion
MAX(X,Y) maximum of two numbers
MIN(X,Y) minimum of two numbers
MOD(X,Y) modulo (i.e., the remainder of x/y)
MSD(X) most significant digit
OCTDEC(X) octal-to-decimal conversion
ROUND(X) round to the closest integer
SIGN(X) sign of a number (=> +1 or -1)
SQRT(X) square root

Available Complex Elementary Functions
Complex Elementary Functions
CABS(XR,XC) absolute value of a complex number
CEXP(XR,XC) real component of the exponential of a complex numbers
CEXPI(XR,XC) complex component of the exponential of a complex numbers
CSQRT(XR,XC) real component of the square root of a complex number
CSQRTI(XR,XC) complex component of the square root of a complex number

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