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C Version of DATAPLOT

Contact Information February 2002.

Alan Heckert
Statistical Engineering Division
Room 331, Building 820
National Institute Of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, Md. 20899-8980
(301) 975-2899 or FTS 879-2899
Jim Filliben
Statistical Engineering Division
Room 353, Building 820
National Institute Of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, Md. 20899-8980
(301) 975-2855 or FTS 879-2855

Introduction DATAPLOT is a Fortran based program. However, if you do not have a Fortran compiler available, you can use the "f2c" utility that is available on many Unix, and a few non-Unix, systems. Once the code is converted to C, then you can use the gcc compiler to compile the C code.

I have personally used this to develop Sun Solaris, Linux, and Mac OSX Dataplot executables over the years.

Note that the recommended choice is to use a Fortran 77/90 compiler if one is available. Also, I recommend performing all code updates on the original Fortran source. My experience is that f2c works quite well, but does not generate particularly readable C source code. I generally treat the C code as an intermediate object file.

In particular, the "g77" compiler is available for most Unix/Linux platforms. I recommend using "g77" where it is available rather than f2c. If you do not already have "g77" installed, you can download it from the GNU gcc site.

What You Need In order to build a C based version, you need the following:
Installation Problems If you have problems with the installation, contact Alan Heckert for assistance.

Date created: 6/5/2001
Last updated: 4/16/2007
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