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Dataplot Documentation

Dataplot Auxillary Files The following files are available in the Dataplot auxiliary directory:
  • dpnewf.tex - the Dataplot news file. Many newer features are only documented here.
  • dphe1f.tex - these are the Dataplot on-line help files
  • dphe2f.tex
  • dphe3f.tex
  • dphe4f.tex
  • dphe5f.tex
  • dphe6f.tex
  • dphe7f.tex
  • dpdirf.tex - the command dictionary grouped by category. This can be useful for finding out if Dataplot supports a certain capability, but the description is typically limited to a single line. Note that this file is somewhat out of date.
These auxillary files are accessible within a Dataplot session. Specifically, the HELP command is used to access information in the help files. For example


These files can also be used with the SEARCH command. For example


Web-Based and Hard Copy Documentation In addition to the above auxillary files, electronic versions of the Dataplot Reference Manual and several tutorial documents are also available. The WEB HELP command can be used to access the online Reference Manual from within Dataplot. For example


The dpsnapsh.pdf file contains a Quick Reference for Dataplot (PDF format).

The WEB HANDBOOK command can be used to access the NIST/SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Handbook. For example


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