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Sample contour plot

  • Question:
    How does Z change as a function of X and Y

  • Definition:
    Vertical Axis: Independent variable 2
    Horizontal Axis: Independent variable 1
    Lines: Iso-response values

  • Interpretation/Conclusion:
    The surface is symmetric & peaks in center

  • NIST/SEMATECH Handbook Chapter:
    1. Exploratory Data Analysis
    5. Process Improvement

  • Reference:

Dataplot Command: CONTOUR PLOT Z X Y Z0
Dataplot Code:
LET X = SEQUENCE 1 1 10 FOR I = 1 1 100
LET Y = SEQUENCE 1 10 1 10
LET Z = X**2+Y**2
LET Z0 = SEQUENCE 0 10 200

Dataplot Reference Manual Documentation for CONTOUR PLOT

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