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Dataplot GUI: Known Bugs

List of Bugs The following is a list of known bugs in the Dataplot GUI. Installation problems and performance issues are discussed elsewhere.
  • The PRINT button in the text windows does not work on the Windows version.

  • Under Windows, if you exit the GUI by clicking on the "x" rather than the "Exit" button, the underlying Dataplot executable may not be killed. This will cause problems if you try to initiate another Dataplot session.

    If you do exit with the "x", then you can kill the Dataplot executable by bringing up the task manager (CNTRL-ALT-DEL, then select "Start Task Manager". Select "Processes" and delete any occurrences of "DPLAHEY.EXE".

If you think you have discovered a bug in the Dataplot GUI, please report it to Alan Heckert.

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Date created: 09/20/2001
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