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Dataplot GUI: What You Need to Run the GUI

Software Required for the Dataplot GUI In order to run the Dataplot GUI, you need the following.
  • You need a Dataplot executable that is compatible with Tcl/Tk. This is platform dependent. The Linux/Unix and Mac OS X implementations utilize the standard command line executable. The PC Windows Dataplot executables are built using the Intel Fortran compiler. The command line version utilizes the Intel QuickWin library for generating screen graphics. However, the QuickWin windowing functions are incompatible with the Dataplot Tcl/Tk scripts. For this reason, we build a console version (i.e., the QuickWin library is turned off) to use with the GUI.

  • You need the Tcl/Tk software installed on your system. For Linux/Unix platforms, Tcl/Tk will either already be installed or can be easily installed using the standard package manager tools for that system.

    For Windows, we recommend installing the version of Tcl/Tk on the Active States web site (Active States took over the suppport and distribution of Tcl/Tk for versions subsequent to 8.3). Although the Active States version is freely downloadable, we are not allowed to re-distribute it on the Dataplot web site. The 8.3 version on the Dataplot web site is quite old by this point and may not run on some of the newer platforms (particulary the 64-bit platforms running Windows 7 or higher). The Active States version should also provide better performance.

  • For Linux/Unix platforms, you can optionally use the Expect utility. The Dataplot GUI Tcl/Tk scripts will use Expect if it is available. However, Expect is not required.

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Date created: 09/20/2001
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