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DATAPLOT Platforms (2019/09)

Platforms with Successful Dataplot Implementations Dataplot can be run on the current major platforms:
  • Windows (7/8/10/11)
  • Linux/Unix
  • MacOS
The Windows distribution is a binary distribution. For Linux/Unix and MacOS, the distribution is a source build. The source code is now available on github

Dataplot is not currently supported natively on tablets and smart phones. However, Linux can be installed on Android devices. So those who are comfortable with Linux can possibly install Dataplot using a Linux installation on Android. I have not yet done this, so I don't have any particular guidance.

Source Code is Portable The Dataplot source code is quite portable. You should be able to install Dataplot on any system with a good Fortran 90 compiler and sufficient memory. For example, at various times in Dataplot's history, the primary development platform has been a Univac Exec 8, VAX/VMS, CDC NOS/VE, Sun OS, Fedora/CentOS, and PC Windows.
Graphical Interface Implemented in Tcl/Tk The graphical interface (GUI) is implemented using Tcl/Tk. Tcl/Tk is available for Windows, Unix/Linux, and Mac OSX platforms.
Date created: 06/05/2001
Last updated: 02/13/2023

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