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Dataplot Vol 1 Vol 2


    Set Subcommand
    This command sets the printer id for the PP command.
    The PP command is used to send the most recent plot to the printer.

    The PP command is operating system dependent. It is currently supported in the Unix and Windows 95/98/NT environments.

    The PP command sends the graphics output to the default printer. Specifically,

    1. On Unix, the PP command issues an "lpr dppl2f.dat" command. The default printer in Unix is set by the UNIX command "setenv PRINTER " for the c shell (other shells may have a slightly different way for defining the default printer).

    2. On Windows 95/98/NT systems, the PP command issues the command "COPY DPPL2F.DAT PRN:".

    On either system, it is sometimes desirable to override the default printer. The SET PRINTER command is used to override the default printer. If the command "SET PRINTER printer-id" is entered in Dataplot, then the PP command does the following:

    1. On Unix, the PP command issues a "lpr -Pprinter-id dppl2f.dat" command.

    2. On Windows 95/98/NT systems, the PP command issues the command "COPY DPPL2F.DAT printer-id". This is most often used to send the graphics output to a network printer rather than the local printer.

    The printer-id will be specific to your local host. If you are unsure of the appropriate printer name, then contact your local system administrator for this information.

    SET PRINTER <printer-id>
    where <printer-id> is the desired printer id.
    SET PRINTER lw7_duplex
    For Unix, the default printer is set by the "setenv PRINTER" command when using the c shell. On Windows, the default printer is PRN:, i.e., the local printer.
    Dataplot has no way of determining if the given printer-id is valid on your system.
Related Commands:
    PP = Print the current plot on the default printer.
    SYSTEM = Enter an operating system command within a Dataplot session.
    Interactive Usage
Implementation Date:
    PLOT X**2 FOR X = 1 1 9

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