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Dataplot Vol 2 Vol 1


    Let Subcommand
    Determine the frame limits for the y-axis without generating a plot.
    In some cases, we may want to determine the frame limits that would be computed for a given data set without actually generating a plot. For example, if we are plotting subsets of a data set we may want the limits based on the full data set.

    One minor complication occurs if we have defined a tic mark offset (i.e., the distance from the first or last major tic mark to the end of the frame line. You can use the following command to specify whether you want the tic mark offset included in the returned limits


    If you specify OFF, the tic mark offset will not be included. If you specify ON, the tic mark offset will be included.

    Note that this command does not actually set the frame limits. You can use the values returned by this command in a subsequent YLIMITS command to set the limits.

    This command returns the limits for the y-axis. The XFRAME command can be used to return the limits for the x-axis.

    LET <ymin> <ymax> = YFRAME <y>     <SUBSET/EXCEPT/FOR qualification>
    where <y> is a response variable;
                <ymin> is a parameter that stores the minimum value for the y-axis frame;
                <ymax> is a parameter that stores the maximum value for the y-axis frame;
    and where the <SUBSET/EXCEPT/FOR qualification> is optional.
Related Commands:
    XFRAME = Return the frame limits for the x-axis.
    LIMITS = Return the frame limits for the y-axis.
Implementation Date:
Program 1:
    skip 25
    read berger1.dat y x
    set frame limits offset off
    let ymin1 ymax1 = yframe y
    let xmin1 xmax1 = xframe x
    set frame limits offset on
    tic mark offset units screen
    tic mark offset 3 3
    let ymin2 ymax2 = yframe y
    let xmin2 xmax2 = xframe x
Program 2:
    . Purpose:  Demonstrate Interaction Effects Matrix plot using
    .           scatter plot matrix commnad.
    . Step 1:   Read the data
    skip 25
    read boxreact.dat y x1 to x5
    let n = size y
    let k = 5
    let string stat = Mean
    . variable label X1 X1 (Feed Rate)
    . variable label X2 X2 (Catalyst)
    . variable label X3 X3 (Agitation Rate)
    . variable label X4 X4 (Temperature)
    . variable label X5 X5 (Concentration)
    variable label X1 X1
    variable label X2 X2
    variable label X3 X3
    variable label X4 X4
    variable label X5 X5
    . Step 2:   Define plot control settings
    multiplot corner coordinates 5 5 95 95
    multiplot scale factor 3
    tic offset units screen
    tic offset 5 5
    xlimits -2  2
    major x1tic mark number 5
    minor x1tic mark number 0
    x1tic mark label format alpha
    x1tic mark label content sp() -1 sp() 1 sp()
    x1tic marks off
    x1tic mark labels off
    x1tic mark offset 0.5 0.5
    x1label displacement 95
    x2label displacement 12
    x2label justification left
    x2label offset -20
    probe cpumax
    let cpumax = probeval
    probe cpumin
    let cpumin = probeval
    let ymin = cpumax
    let ymax = cpumin
    loop for k = 1 1 k
        let ytemp = cross tabulate mean y x^k
        let ymint = minimum ytemp
        let ymaxt = maximum ytemp
        let ymin = min(ymint,ymin)
        let ymax = max(ymaxt,ymax)
    end of loop
    delete ytemp
    set frame limits offset off
    let ytemp = data ymin ymax
    let ymin1 ymax1 = yframe ytemp
    set frame limits offset on
    let ymin2 ymax2 = yframe ytemp
    let xtemp = data -2 2
    let xmin2 xmax2 = xframe xtemp
    delete xtempl ytemp1
    ylimits ymin1 ymax1
    char circle blank
    char hw 1 0.75
    char fill on
    line solid dashed
    . Step 3:   Define options for scatter plot matrix
    set scatter plot matrix type dex ^stat interaction
    set scatter plot matrix labels xon
    set scatter plot matrix y axis left
    set scatter plot matrix x axis bottom
    set scatter plot matrix lower diagonal off
    set scatter plot matrix x2label filliben
    set scatter plot matrix shaded diagonal on
    subregion on
    subregion xlimits xmin2 xmax2
    subregion ylimits ymin2 ymax2
    region fill on
    region color g80
    . Step 4:   Generate the plot
    dex mean interaction effects plot y x1 x2 x3 x4 x5
    . Step 5:   Add overall title, vertical axis title
    just center
    move 50 97
    text Chemical Reactor Efficiency (BHH) 2**5 (K=5, N=32)
    direction vertical
    move 3 50
    text Average Y
    direction horizontal
    plot generated by sample program

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