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Dataplot Vol 2 Vol 1

Dataplot Reference Manual
Volume 2: LET Subcommands and Library Functions

Chapter 8: Probability Library Functions

Note that some multivariate distributional capabilities are documented in the Matrix Commands chapter.

Probability Distributions - Parameter Names

Alpha Distribution
      ALPCDF (CDF function)
      ALPCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      ALPHAZ (Hazard function)
      ALPCDF (PDF function)
      ALPCDF (PPF function)
Anglit Distribution
      ANGCDF (CDF function)
      ANGPDF (PDF function)
      ANGPPF (PPF function)
Arcsine Distribution
      ARSCDF (CDF function)
      ARSPDF (PDF function)
      ARSPPF (PPF function)
Asymmetric Double Exponential (Laplace)
      ADECDF (CDF function)
      ADEPDF (PDF function)
      ADEPPF (PPF function)

Beta Distribution
      BETCDF (CDF function)
      BETPDF (PDF function)
      BETPPF (PPF function)
Beta-Binomial Distribution
      BBNCDF (CDF function)
      BBNPDF (PDF function)
      BBNPPF (PPF function)
Beta-Geometric Distribution
      BGECDF (CDF function)
      BGEPDF (PDF function)
      BGEPPF (PPF function)
Beta-Negative Binomial Distribution
      BNBCDF (CDF function)
      BNBPDF (PDF function)
      BNBPPF (PPF function)
Beta-Normal Distribution
      BNOCDF (CDF function)
      BNOPDF (PDF function)
      BNOPPF (PPF function)
Beta-Normal Distribution
      BNOCDF (CDF function)
      BNOPDF (PDF function)
      BNOPPF (PPF function)
Binomial Distribution
      BINCDF (CDF function)
      BINPDF (PDF function)
      BINPPF (PPF function)
Bivariate Normal Distribution
      BVNCDF (CDF function)
      BVNPDF (PDF function)
Bi-Weibull Distribution
      BWECDF (CDF function)
      BWECHAZ (Cumulative hazard function)
      BWEHAZ (Hazard function)
      BWEPDF (PDF function)
      BWEPPF (PPF function)
Bradford Distribution
      BRACDF (CDF function)
      BRAPDF (PDF function)
      BRAPPF (PPF function)
Borel-Tanner Distribution
      BTACDF (CDF function)
      BTAPDF (PDF function)
      BTAPPF (PPF function)
Burr Type 2 Distribution
      BU2CDF (CDF function)
      BU2PDF (PDF function)
      BU2PPF (PPF function)
Burr Type 3 Distribution
      BU3CDF (CDF function)
      BU3PDF (PDF function)
      BU3PPF (PPF function)
Burr Type 4 Distribution
      BU4CDF (CDF function)
      BU4PDF (PDF function)
      BU4PPF (PPF function)
Burr Type 5 Distribution
      BU5CDF (CDF function)
      BU5PDF (PDF function)
      BU5PPF (PPF function)
Burr Type 6 Distribution
      BU6CDF (CDF function)
      BU6PDF (PDF function)
      BU6PPF (PPF function)
Burr Type 7 Distribution
      BU7CDF (CDF function)
      BU7PDF (PDF function)
      BU7PPF (PPF function)
Burr Type 8 Distribution
      BU8CDF (CDF function)
      BU8PDF (PDF function)
      BU8PPF (PPF function)
Burr Type 9 Distribution
      BU9CDF (CDF function)
      BU9PDF (PDF function)
      BU9PPF (PPF function)
Burr Type 10 Distribution
      B10CDF (CDF function)
      B10PDF (PDF function)
      B10PPF (PPF function)
Burr Type 11 Distribution
      B11CDF (CDF function)
      B11PDF (PDF function)
      B11PPF (PPF function)
Burr Type 12 Distribution
      B12CDF (CDF function)
      B12PDF (PDF function)
      B12PPF (PPF function)

Cauchy Distribution
      CAUCDF (CDF function)
      CAUPDF (PDF function)
      CAUPPF (PPF function)
      CAUSF (Sparsity function)
Chi Distribution
      CHCDF (CDF function)
      CHPDF (PDF function)
      CHPPF (PPF function)
Chi-Square Distribution
      CHSCDF (CDF function)
      CHSPDF (PDF function)
      CHSPPF (PPF function)
Classical Matching Distribution
      MATCDF (CDF function)
      MATPDF (PDF function)
      MATPPF (PPF function)
Consul (generalized geometric) Distribution
      CONCDF (CDF function)
      CONPDF (PDF function)
      CONPPF (PPF function)
Cosine Distribution
      COSCDF (CDF function)
      COSPDF (PDF function)
      COSPPF (PPF function)

Discrete Uniform Distribution
      DISCDF (CDF function)
      DISPDF (PDF function)
      DISPPF (PPF function)
Discrete Weibull Distribution
      DIWCDF (CDF function)
      DIWPDF (Hazard funciton)
      DIWPDF (PDF function)
      DIWPPF (PPF function)
Double Exponential (Laplace) Distribution
      DEXCDF (CDF function)
      DEXPDF (PDF function)
      DEXPPF (PPF function)
      DEXSF (Sparsity function)
Double Gamma Distribution
      DGACDF (CDF function)
      DGAPDF (PDF function)
      DGAPPF (PPF function)
Double Weibull Distribution
      DWECDF (CDF function)
      DWEPDF (PDF function)
      DWEPPF (PPF function)
Doubly Non-Central F Distribution
      DNFCDF (CDF function)
      DNFPDF (PDF function)
      DNFPPF (PPF function)
Doubly Non-Central t Distribution
      DNTCDF (CDF function)
      DNTPDF (PDF function)
      DNTPPF (PPF function)
Doubly Pareto Uniform Distribution
      DPUCDF (CDF funcion)
      DPUPDF (PDF function)
      DPUPPF (PPF function)

Error Distribution
      ERRCDF (CDF function)
      ERRPDF (PDF function)
      ERRPPF (PPF function)
Exponential Distribution
      EXPCDF (CDF function)
      EXPCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      EXPHAZ (Hazard function)
      EXPPDF (PDF function)
      EXPPPF (PPF function)
      EXPSF (Sparsity function)
Exponential Power Distribution
      PEXCDF (CDF function)
      PEXCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      PEXHAZ (Hazard function)
      PEXPDF (PDF function)
      PEXPPF (PPF function)
Exponentiated Weibull Distribution
      EWECDF (CDF function)
      EWECHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      EWEHAZ (Hazard function)
      EWEPDF (PDF function)
      EWEPPF (PPF function)
Extreme Value Type I (Gumbel) Distribution
      EV1CDF (CDF function)
      EV1CHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      EV1HAZ (Hazard function)
      EV1PDF (PDF function)
      EV1PPF (PPF function)
Extreme Value Type II (Frechet, Inverted Weibull) Distribution
      EV2CDF (CDF function)
      EV2CHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      EV2HAZ (Hazard function)
      EV2PDF (PDF function)
      EV2PPF (PPF function)

F Distribution
      FCDF (CDF function)
      FPDF (PDF function)
      FPPF (PPF function)
Fatigue Life Distribution
      FLCDF (CDF function)
      FLCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      FLHAZ (Hazard function)
      FLPDF (PDF function)
      FLPPF (PPF function)
Folded Cauchy Distribution
      FCACDF (CDF function)
      FCAPDF (PDF function)
      FCAPPF (PPF function)
Folded Normal Distribution
      FNRCDF (CDF function)
      FNRPDF (PDF function)
      FNRPPF (PPF function)
Folded t Distribution
      FTCDF (CDF function)
      FTPDF (PDF function)
      FTPPF (PPF function)

Gamma Distribution
      GAMCDF (CDF function)
      GAMCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      GAMHAZ (Hazard function)
      GAMPDF (PDF function)
      GAMPPF (PPF function)
G-and-H Distribution
      GHCDF (CDF function)
      GHPDF (PDF function)
      GHPPF (PPF function)
Geeta Distribution
      GETCDF (CDF function)
      GETPDF (PDF function)
      GETPPF (PPF function)
Geometric Distribution
      GEOCDF (CDF function)
      GEOPDF (PDF function)
      GEOPPF (PPF function)
Geometric Extreme Exponential Distribution
      GEECDF (CDF function)
      GEECHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      GEEHAZ (Hazard function)
      GEEPDF (PDF function)
      GEEPPF (PPF function)
Generalized Exponential Distribution
      GEXCDF (CDF function)
      GEXPDF (PDF function)
      GEXPPF (PPF function)
Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
      GEVCDF (CDF function)
      GEVPDF (PDF function)
      GEVPPF (PPF function)
Generalized Gamma Distribution
      GGDCDF (CDF function)
      GGDCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      GGDHAZ (Hazard function)
      GGDPDF (PDF function)
      GGDPPF (PPF function)
Generalized Logarithmic Series Distribution
      GLSCDF (CDF function)
      GLSPDF (PDF function)
      GLSPPF (PPF function)
Generalized Logistic Distribution
      GLOCDF (CDF function)
      GLOPDF (PDF function)
      GLOPPF (PPF function)
Generalized Logistic Type 2 Distribution
      GL2CDF (CDF function)
      GL2PDF (PDF function)
      GL2PPF (PPF function)
Generalized Logistic Type 3 Distribution
      GL3CDF (CDF function)
      GL3PDF (PDF function)
      GL3PPF (PPF function)
Generalized Logistic Type 4 Distribution
      GL4CDF (CDF function)
      GL4PDF (PDF function)
      GL4PPF (PPF function)
Generalized Logistic Type 5 Distribution
      GL5CDF (CDF function)
      GL5PDF (PDF function)
      GL5PPF (PPF function)
Generalized McLeish Distribution
      GMCCDF (CDF function)
      GMCPDF (PDF function)
      GMCPPF (PPF function)
Generalized Pareto Distribution
      GEPCDF (CDF function)
      GEPCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      GEPHAZ (Hazard function)
      GEPPDF (PDF function)
      GEPPPF (PPF function)
Generalized Topp and Leone Distribution
      GTLCDF (CDF function)
      GTLPDF (PDF function)
      GTLPPF (PPF function)
Generalized Trapezoid Distribution
      GTRCDF (CDF function)
      GTRPDF (PDF function)
      GTRPPF (PPF function)
Generalized Tukey-Lambda Distribution
      GLDCDF (CDF function)
      GLDPDF (PDF function)
      GLDPPF (PPF function)
Gompertz Distribution
      GOMCDF (CDF function)
      GOMPDF (PDF function)
      GOMPPF (PPF function)
Gompertz-Makeham Distribution
      MAKCDF (CDF function)
      MAKCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      MAKHAZ (Hazard function)
      MAKPDF (PDF function)
      MAKPPF (PPF function)

Half-Cauchy Distribution
      HFCCDF (CDF function)
      HFCPDF (PDF function)
      HFCPPF (PPF funciton)
Half-Logisitc and Generalized Half-Logistic Distribution
      HFLCDF (CDF function)
      HFLPDF (PDF function)
      HFLPPF (PPF function)
Half-Normal Distribution
      HFNCDF (CDF function)
      HFNPDF (PDF function)
      HFNPPF (PPF function)
Hermite Distribution
      HERCDF (CDF function)
      HERPDF (PDF function)
      HERPPF (PPF function)
Hyperbolic Secant Distribution
      HSECDF (CDF function)
      HSEPDF (PDF function)
      HSEPPF (PPF function)
Hypergeometric Distribution
      HYPCDF (CDF function)
      HYPPDF (PDF function)
      HYPPPF (PPF function)

Inverse Gaussian Distribution
      IGCDF (CDF function)
      IGCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      IGHAZ (Hazard function)
      IGPDF (PDF function)
      IGPPF (PPF function)
Inverted Beta Distribution
      IBCDF (CDF function)
      IBPDF (PDF function)
      IBPPF (PPF function)
Inverted Gamma Distribution
      IGACDF (CDF function)
      IGACHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      IGAHAZ (Hazard function)
      IGAPDF (PDF function)
      IGAPPF (PPF function)

Johnson SB Distribution
      JSBCDF (CDF function)
      JSBPDF (PDF function)
      JSBPPF (PPF function)
Johnson SU Distribution
      JSUCDF (CDF function)
      JSUPDF (PDF function)
      JSUPPF (PPF function)

Kappa Distribution
      KAPCDF (CDF function)
      KAPPDF (PDF function)
      KAPPPF (PPF function)
Kumaraswamy Distribution
      KUMCDF (CDF function)
      KUMPDF (PDF function)
      KUMPPF (PPF function)

Lagrange Poisson Distribution
      LPOCDF (CDF function)
      LPOPDF (PDF function)
      LPOPPF (PPF function)
Leads in Coin Tossing Distribution
      LCTCDF (CDF function)
      LCTPDF (PDF function)
      LCTPPF (PPF function)
Log Beta Distribution
      LBECDF (CDF function)
      LBEPDF (PDF function)
      LBEPPF (PPF function)
Log Double Exponential (Log Laplace) Distribution
      LDECDF (CDF function)
      LDEPDF (PDF function)
      LDEPPF (PPF function)
Log Gamma Distribution
      LGACDF (CDF function)
      LGAPDF (PDF function)
      LGAPPF (PPF function)
Log Logistic Distribution
      LLGCDF (CDF function)
      LLGPDF (PDF function)
      LLGPPF (PPF function)
Logarithmic Series Distribution
      DLGCDF (CDF function)
      DLGPDF (PDF function)
      DLGPPF (PPF function)
Logistic Distribution
      LOGCDF (CDF function)
      LOGCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      LOGHAZ (Hazard function)
      LOGPDF (PDF function)
      LOGPPF (PPF function)
Logistic Exponential Distribution
      LEXCDF (CDF function)
      LEXCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      LEXHAZ (Hazard function)
      LEXPDF (PDF function)
      LEXPPF (PPF function)
Lognormal Distribution
      LGNCDF (CDF function)
      LGNCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      LGNHAZ (Hazard function)
      LGNPDF (PDF function)
      LGNPPF (PPF function)
Log Skew Normal Distribution
      LSNCDF (CDF function)
      LSNPDF (PDF function)
      LSNPPF (PPF function)
Log Skew t Distribution
      LSTCDF (CDF function)
      LSTPDF (PDF function)
      LSTPPF (PPF function)
Lost Games Distribution
      LOSCDF (CDF function)
      LOSPDF (PDF function)
      LOSPPF (PPF function)
Tukey-Lambda Distribution
      LAMCDF (CDF function)
      LAMPDF (PDF function)
      LAMPPF (PPF function)
      LAMSF (Sparsity function)

Maxwell-Boltzman Distribution
      MAXCDF (CDF function)
      MAXPDF (PDF function)
      MAXPPF (PPF function)
McLeish Distribution
      MCLCDF (CDF function)
      MCLPDF (PDF function)
      MCLPPF (PPF function)
Mielke's Beta-Kappa Distribution
      MIECDF (CDF function)
      MIEPDF (PDF function)
      MIEPPF (PPF function)
Muth Distribution
      MUTCDF (CDF function)
      MUTCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      MUTHAZ (Hazard function)
      MUTPDF (PDF function)
      MUTPPF (PPF function)

Negative Binomial Distribution
      NBCDF (CDF function)
      NBPDF (PDF function)
      NBPPF (PPF function)
Non-Central Beta Distribution
      NCBCDF (CDF function)
      NCBPDF (PDF function)
      NCBPPF (PPF function)
Non-Central Chi-Square Distribution
      NCCCDF (CDF function)
      NCCNCP (Non-Central chi-square non-centrality parameter)
      NCCPDF (PDF function)
      NCCPPF (PPF function)
Non-Central F Distribution
      NCFCDF (CDF function)
      NCFPDF (PDF function)
      NCFPPF (PPF function)
Non-Central t Distribution
      NCTCDF (CDF function)
      NCTPDF (PDF function)
      NCTPPF (PPF function)
Normal Distribution
      NORCDF (CDF function)
      NORCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      NORHAZ (Hazard function)
      NORPDF (PDF function)
      NORPPF (PPF function)
      NORSF (Sparsity function)
Normal Mixture Distribution
      NORMXCDF (CDF function)
      NORMXPDF (PDF function)
      NORMXPDF (PPF function)

Ogive Distribution
      OGICDF (CDF function)
      OGIPDF (PDF function)
      OGIPPF (PPF function)

Pareto Distribution
      PARCDF (CDF function)
      PARCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      PARHAZ (Hazard function)
      PARPDF (PDF function)
      PARPPF (PPF function)
Pareto Second Kind Distribution
      PA2CDF (CDF function)
      PA2PDF (PDF function)
      PA2PPF (PPF function)
Poisson Distribution
      POICDF (CDF function)
      POIPDF (PDF function)
      POIPPF (PPF function)
Polya-Aeppli Distribution
      PAPCDF (CDF function)
      PAPPDF (PDF function)
      PAPPPF (PPF function)
Power Distribution
      POWCDF (CDF function)
      POWCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      POWHAZ (Hazard function)
      POWPDF (PDF function)
      POWPPF (PPF function)
Power Lognormal Distribution
      PLNCDF (CDF function)
      PLNCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      PLNHAZ (Hazard function)
      PLNPDF (PDF function)
      PLNPPF (PPF function)
Power Normal Distribution
      PNRCDF (CDF function)
      PNRCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      PNRHAZ (Hazard function)
      PNRPDF (PDF function)
      PNRPPF (PDF function)

Quasi-Binomial Type I Distribution
      QBICDF (CDF function)
      QBIPDF (PDF function)
      QBIPPF (PPF function)

Rayleigh Distribution
      RAYCDF (CDF function)
      RAYPDF (PDF function)
      RAYPPF (PPF function)
Reciprocal Distribution
      RECCDF (CDF function)
      RECPDF (PDF function)
      RECPPF (PPF function)
Reciprocal Inverse Gaussian Distribution
      RIGCDF (CDF function)
      RIGCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      RIGHAZ (Hazard function)
      RIGPDF (PDF function)
      RIGPPF (PPF function)
Reflected Generalized Topp and Leone Distribution
      RGTCDF (CDF function)
      RGTPDF (PDF function)
      RGTPPF (PPF function)
Reflected Power Distribution
      RPOCDF (CDF function)
      RPOCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      RPOHAZ (Hazard function)
      RPOPDF (PDF function)
      RPOPPF (PPF function)

Semicircular Distribution
      SEMCDF (CDF function)
      SEMPDF (PDF function)
      SEMPPF (PPF function)
Slash Distribution
      SLACDF (CDF function)
      SLAPDF (PDF function)
      SLAPPF (PPF function)
Skew Double Exponential (Laplace) Distribution
      SDECDF (CDF function)
      SDEPDF (PDF function)
      SDEPPF (PPF function)
Skew Normal Distribution
      SNCDF (CDF function)
      SNPDF (PDF function)
      SNPPF (PPF function)
Skew t Distribution
      STCDF (CDF function)
      STPDF (PDF function)
      STPPF (PPF function)
Slope Distribution
      SLOCDF (CDF function)
      SLOPDF (PDF function)
      SLOPPF (PPF function)

t Distribution
      TCDF (CDF function)
      TPDF (PDF function)
      TPPF (PPF function)
Topp and Leone Distribution
      TOPCDF (CDF function)
      TOPPDF (PDF function)
      TOPPPF (PPF function)
Trapezoid Distribution
      TRACDF (CDF function)
      TRAPDF (PDF function)
      TRAPPF (PPF function)
Triangular Distribution
      TRICDF (CDF function)
      TRIPDF (PDF function)
      TRIPPF (PPF function)
Truncated Exponential Distribution
      TNECDF (CDF function)
      TNEPDF (PDF function)
      TNEPPF (PPF function)
Truncated Normal Distribution
      TNRCDF (CDF function)
      TNRPDF (PDF function)
      TNRPPF (PPF function)
Two-Sided Ogive Distribution
      TSOCDF (CDF function)
      TSOPDF (PDF function)
      TSOPPF (PPF function)
Two-Sided Power Distribution
      TSPCDF (PPF function)
      TSPPDF (PDF function)
      TSPPPF (PPF function)
Two-Sided Slope Distribution
      TSSCDF (CDF function)
      TSSPDF (PDF function)
      TSSPPF (PPF function)

Uniform Distribution
      UNICDF (CDF function)
      UNICHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      UNIHAZ (Hazard function)
      UNIPDF (PDF function)
      UNIPPF (PPF function)
      UNISF (Sparsity function)
Uneven Two-Sided Power Distribution
      UTSCDF (CDF function)
      UTSPDF (PDF function)
      UTSPPF (PPF function)

Von Mises Distribution
      VONCDF (CDF function)
      VONPDF (PDF function)
      VONPPF (PPF function)

Wald Distribution
      WALCDF (CDF function)
      WALCHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      WALHAZ (Hazard function)
      WALPDF (PDF function)
      WALPPF (PPF function)
Wakeby Distribution
      WAKCDF (CDF function)
      WAKPDF (PDF function)
      WAKPPF (PPF function)
Waring Distribution
      WARCDF (CDF function)
      WARPDF (PDF function)
      WARPPF (PPF function)
Weibull Distribution
      WEICDF (CDF function)
      WEICHAZ (Cumulative Hazard function)
      WEIHAZ (Hazard function)
      WEIPDF (PDF function)
      WEIPPF (PPF function)
Wrapped Cauchy Distribution
      WCACDF (CDF function)
      WCAPDF (PDF function)
      WCAPPF (PPF function)

Yule Distribution
      YULCDF (CDF function)
      YULPDF (PDF function)
      YULPPF (PPF function)

Zeta Distribution
      ZETCDF (CDF function)
      ZETPDF (PDF function)
      ZETPPF (PPF function)
Zipf Distribution
      ZIPCDF (CDF function)
      ZIPPDF (PDF function)
      ZIPPPF (PPF function)

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