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Introduction DATAPLOT is a powerful and flexible program for performing scientific, engineering, statistical, mathematical, and graphical analysis. It is an interactive, command-driven language/system with English-like syntax. It was developed in response to data analysis problems encountered at the National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology) DATAPLOT is primarily written in Fortran-77, highly portable, and runs on mainframes, minicomputers, workstations, and PC's. Its capabilities include:
Summary of Capabilities A summary of Dataplot's capabilities includes:
  • Raw Graphics
    2D, 3D, contour, color, multi-traces, multi-plots/page, character/line/spike/bar plots, auto-labeling, auto-scaling, legends, sizing, etc.

  • Analysis Graphics
    Plotting data, plotting functions, mixing data and functions, plotting modeling residuals

  • Presentation Graphics
    Hershey fonts, Greek, math, word charts for slides, 3-D bars, Postscript

  • Summary Graphics
    Pie charts, histograms, stratified histograms, Pareto charts, error bar plots, X-Y plots, etc.

  • Diagrammatic Graphics
    Geometric symbols, electrical symbols, logic diagrams, schematics, etc.

  • Graphical Data Analysis
    Histograms, bihistograms, scatter plots, probability plots, PPCC plots, Box-Cox normality plots, Box-Cox linearity plots, symmetry plots, ANOP plots, quantile-quantile plots, multiplotting, statistic subset plots

  • Exploratory Data Analysis
    Box plots, stem-and-leaf diagrams, rootograms, median polish, scatter plots, robust smoothing, lowess, biweighting, robust linear/polynomial/non-linear fitting, Box-Cox transformations, general transformations, bootstrap plots, jackknife plots, 4-PLOT assumptions testing, scatter plot matrices, comparative multiplotting

  • Time Series Analysis
    Lag plots, autocorrelation plots, periodograms, spectral plots, complex demodulation plots, Allan variance plots, Fourier plots, cross-spectral plots, coherency spectral plots, argand plots, gain plots, runs analysis

  • Smoothing
    Moving agerage, moving midmean, triangular, general least squares polynomial smoothing, robust, 3RSR, lowess

  • Fitting
    Linear, polynomial, multi-linear, user-definable non-linear, general spline, graphical residual analysis, auto-predicted values and residuals, auto-lack-of-fit F testing, intercept/slop/residual sd/correlation subset plotting, Box-Cox transformational linearity plotting, Tukey biweight/tricube robust fitting, cubic spline interpolation

  • General Data Analysis
    Location/variation/randomness/distribution summaries, t-test, Chi-squared tests, F tests, ANOVA, general transformations, subset analyses, Youden interlab plots

  • Statistics/Probability Calculations
    Summary tabulation and cross-tab, library of probability functions, cdf's, pdf's, on-line auxiliary file of common probability functions, random number generation, random permutations generation, simulation, moment calculations, stat calculations, stat subset plots

  • Multivariate Analysis
    Star plots, profile plots, principal components, Andrews curves, scatter plot matrix, condition plots, multiplotting

  • Experiment Design
    On-line design files, (comparative, factorial, Taguchi, response surface designs), random permutations, scatter plots, sign plots, Pareto plots, DEX statistic plots, main effects plots, interaction plots, 2-factor statistic plots, Taguchi signal-to-noise plots, Cpk plots, expected loss plots, etc., predicted value contour plots, Yates 2k analysis, summary square and cube plots, tutorial data files, design simulator, on-line generators and confounding structure file, Ishikawa diagrams

  • Statistical Process Control
    Xbar charts, range charts, s control charts, p/Np/C/U control charts

  • Reliability
    Weibull plot, Weibull Probability plot, Weibull PPCC plot, survival plots

  • Mathematics
    On-line function parsing, plotting functions, roots, analytic differentiation, integration, convolution, extensive library of math functions, complex arithmetic operations, complex roots, FFT, matrix operations (inverse, norm, minor, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, etc.), set operations (union, intersection, Cartesian product, etc.}, polynomial arithmetic operations, logical set operations (and, or, nand, nor), differential equation solver, simplex LP solver, fractal plots
Downloading DATAPLOT can be downloaded via the web. Pre-built executables are available for several common Linux/Unix platforms, Mac OS X, and for Windows XP/VISTA/7/8. Source code is available for systems where a pre-built executable is not available.

For assistance with downloading or set-up of DATAPLOT, contact Alan Heckert or Jim Filliben.

Date created: 06/05/2001
Last updated: 02/13/2023

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