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Getting Into and Out of Dataplot

Platform Dependent The procedure for accessing Dataplot depends on the platform that you are running Dataplot on. It also depends on whether you want to run the command line version or the graphical interface version.
Linux/Unix and MacOS Platforms On Linux/Unix and MacOS installations, the command line version of Dataplot is typically started by entering
and the graphical user interface version is typically started by entering
If, as is common, /usr/local/bin is included in your default path, you can simply enter
File names are case sensitive on Unix platforms, so be sure to enter this in lower case.

If Dataplot was installed in a directory other than /usr/local/bin, you should ask your local system adminstrator (or whoever installed Dataplot on your machine) for the name of the directory where Dataplot is installed. It is recommended that you add this directory to your default path.

If the Dataplot auxillary files (e.g., the online HELP, the sample data files and macros) are not installed in the "/usr/local/lib/dataplot" directory, then you need to enter the following command before running Dataplot:

    setenv DATAPLOT_FILES <dir-name>
where <dir-name> is the name of the appropriate directory. Note that name should include the trailing slash. For example,
    setenv DATAPLOT_FILES /home/heckert/dataplot/lib/
If this command is needed, we recommend putting it in your ".cshrc" file.

The above setenv command assumes you are running the c-shell or t-shell. If you run the Bourne shell (or one of the shells that uses a Bourne like syntax), use the equivalent Bourne shell syntax:


NOTE 2019/09: There is now a Dataplot Makefile that should define this directory so that the "setenv" command is no longer needed.

Windows Platforms The Dataplot installation for Windows is a binary installation created using the InstallShield software. Dataplot is built using the Intel Fortran compiler. Currently, Dataplot is supported for Windows 7/8/10 platforms (earlier versions such as XP are not supported by current versions of the Intel Fortran compiler). The InstallShield installation will create two shortcuts: one for the command line version and another for the GUI version.

So to initiate Dataplot in the Windows environment, simply click on the appropriate desktop icon.

Other Platforms For other platforms, check with your local system administrator for assistance. Typically, you should be able to simply enter
You may need to set your command search path to include the Dataplot directory.
Exiting Out of Dataplot To exit out of the command line version of Dataplot, enter any one of the following commands:

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