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Extreme Wind Speeds: Overview

Introduction Extreme value analysis is concerned with statistical inference on extreme values, and is of interest in a wide range of fields. Two of the main areas of focus are environmental extremes (e.g., river flow, wind speeds, temperature and rainfall) and engineering (e.g., structural reliability and strength of materials).
Focus on Wind Speeds Section I of this web site focuses primarily on extreme value analysis as it pertains to wind speeds and their effects on structures. It contains links to relevant papers, a NIST Statistical Engineering Division specialized web site, data sets, and software with instructions for users and numerical examples.
Data Sets Data sets are provided for both non-hurricane and hurricane prone regions.
Software Software is needed in most cases to analyze data sets. A large range of data analysis tools are located in the software section. First, a basic overview is presented. The analysis of extreme wind speed data sets using the software programs Dataplot, MATLAB, and Excel is discussed. In addition, several custom Fortran77-based programs are discussed (these codes are freely downloadable from this site). An extensive discussion and tutorial on the Dataplot software is provided. Software is provided for extracting wind speed data from NOAA's Automatic Surface Observing System (ASOS) records, which can be obtained from NOAA's National Climatic Data Center for a fee.
Publications Finally, a wide-ranging list of books and publications of extreme value analysis is provided.
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