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Extreme Wind Speeds: Anemometer Elevations

Archive TD 6421 NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) has issued an anemometer elevation file, called "Archive TD 6421," containing two separate sets of information for all stations with records of hourly wind speed data.
exist_metadata_files One set, called "exist_metadata_files," contains the station name, ID# (WMO#), elevation of the site itself, and its coordinates. Also, these files indicate whether the station is an ASOS station and if so, when it became an ASOS station. WBAN (Weather Bureau Army-Navy) and COOP (Cooperative) ID####, as well as the time zone, is also listed.
anem_elv_inf The second set, called "anem_elev_inf," lists station ID# (WMO#), number of elevation changes and the corresponding dates and heights. The easiest way to find this second set in the current format is to find the station of interest and its corresponding ID# (WMO#) from the first set and then find this number in the second set, in which the station name is not provided. Here is an example of the second set for Newark airport:

725020 4 19411210 46.0 19490427 50.0 19650630 20.0 19960701 32.8

725020 _ Station ID# (WMO#)   4 _ No. of Changes       19411210 _ Date of Change #1
46.0 _ Elev. (ft)      19490427 _ Date of Change #2    50.0 _ Elev. (ft.)
19650630 _ Date of Change #3   20.0 _ Elev. (ft.)      19960701 _ Date of Change #4
32.8 _ Elev. (ft.)
Web Site This file can be found in its entirety at

Specifically, a PDF format document is available.

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