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Special-Purpose Software: VoronoiBound

Introduction - VoronoiBound Function VoronoiBound calculates a Voronoi diagram with inner and outer bounds. It supplements the Matlab existing functions, Voronoi and VoronoiDiagram, by defining finite inner and outer bounds. Additionally, VoronoiBound is robust and capable of handling collinear points, whereas the Matlab existing function DelaunayTriangulation returns a null set.

These scripts were developed and tested using version 2014b of Matlab. Function VoronoiBound should work with past and future Matlab versions, as long as the functions that it calls are compatible with Matlab 2014b.

Download Files for VoronoiBound The following files are available for download:
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Date created: 06/04/2018
Last updated: 04/26/2023
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