SHREC 2009 - Shape Retrieval Contest of Partial 3D Models

Call For Participation:
SHREC 2009 - Shape Retrieval Contest of partial 3D models

There are two objectives of this shape retrieval contest:

Task description
In response to a given set of queries, the task is to evaluate similarity scores with the target models and return an ordered ranked list along with the similarity scores for each query. The set of queries either consists of partial 3D models or of range images. The participants may present ranked lists for either of the query sets or both. There is no obligation to submit ranke lists for both of the query sets.

Data set
The first query set consists of 20 3D partial models which are obtained by cutting parts from complete models. The objective is to retrieve the models which the query part may belong to. The file format to represent the partial query models is the ASCII Object File Format (*.off).

This second query set is composed of 20 range images, which are acquired by capturing range data of 20 models from arbitrary view directions. The range images are captured using a desktop 3D scanner. The file format is in the ASCII Object File Format (*.off) representing the scan in a triangular mesh.

The target database is the same for both of the query sets and it contains 720 complete 3D models, which are categorized into 40 classes. In each class there are 18 models. The file format to represent the 3D models is the ASCII Object File Format (*.off).

Evaluation Methodology
We will employ the following evaluation measures: Precision-Recall curve; Average Precision (AP) and Mean Average Precision (MAP); E-Measure; Discounted Cumulative Gain; Nearest Neighbor, First-Tier (Tier1) and Second-Tier (Tier2).

The following list is a step-by-step description of the activities:

November 25 - Call for participation.
December 8 - The target data set and a sample query set will be available on line. For 3D partial models we provide 11 sample queries and for range scans we provide 5 sample queries. The final query set will not contain the sample queries.
January 3 - Please register before this date.
January 5 - Distribution of the final query sets. Participants can start the retrieval.
January 12 - Submission of results (ranked lists) and a short paper draft describing the method(s).
January 13 - Distribution of relevance judgments and evaluation scores.
January 25 - Submission of final short papers for the contest proceedings.
February 1 - Track is finished, and results are ready for inclusion in a track report
February 15 - Camera ready track papers submitted for printing
March 29 - EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval including SHREC'09