Message Understanding Conference Proceedings

During the past decade, evaluations have been held to assess the state of the art in information extraction and to set goals for researchers in this evolving field. At the end of each formal evaluation, a conference was held for the participants to exchange research findings on the effectiveness of techniques used to extract a variety of levels of information from the formal test material. The proceedings of those conferences have all been published. For historical reasons, these conferences have been called the Message Understanding Conferences (MUC). The proceedings of MUC-3 through MUC-6 were published by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, most of which are out of print. The proceedings of MUC-7 are published on this website.

Morgan Kaufman Publishers

MUC-7 Proceedings Table of Contents

Hub-4 Broadcast News February 19, 1999

Hub-4 Event Guidelines
Hub-4 Templette Task Scoring Procedure

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