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3. Production Process Characterization
3.1. Introduction to Production Process Characterization


What are PPC Studies Used For?

PPC is the core of any CI program Process characterization is an integral part of any continuous improvement program. There are many steps in that program for which process characterization is required. These might include:
When process characterization is required
  • when we are bringing a new process or tool into use.
  • when we are bringing a tool or process back up after scheduled/unscheduled maintenance.
  • when we want to compare tools or processes.
  • when we want to check the health of our process during the monitoring phase.
  • when we are troubleshooting a bad process.
The techniques described in this chapter are equally applicable to the other chapters covered in this Handbook. These include:
Process characterization techniques are applicable in other areas
  • calibration
  • process monitoring
  • process improvement
  • process/product comparison
  • reliability
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