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DATAPLOT Documentation

Adobe Acrobat The Dataplot Reference Manual is a combination of HTML and PDF (Portable Document Format) files.
New Commands Documented in the NEWS File New commands are documneted in the online NEWS file. Most of these new commands have been incorporated into the online Reference Manual. There is sometimes a lag before new commands are incorporated into the online Reference Manual, so it is worthwhile checking out the NEWS entry from the main Dataplot web page.
Additional Printed Documentation The Reference Manual is intended to be a reference manual, not a a tutorial. We still provide some of the earlier printed documentation since it is more tutorial in nature than is the Reference Manual. The following documentation is available: Note that these are PDF files created by scanning the original document. We do not have these in a more native format (e.g., Word or Latek). I rescanned these documents (4/5/2005) using better scanner software, so these versions are more legible than the previous versions were.

Although this documentation is old and does not include a lot of useful enhancements, it still provides a good introduction to the command line version.

In addition, many of the entries on the Dataplot web page provide a more tutorial introduction to Dataplot. In particular, the printed tutorial documentation does not describe the usage of the graphical interface (GUI) version. Check the GUI Mode entry for help in getting started with the GUI.

You can download a copy of the Dataplot web pages in zip format for installation on a local machine.

Dataplot Reference Manual The Dataplot HELP command provides on-line documentation from within a Dataplot session. Extensive off-line documentation is available in the Dataplot Reference Manual (2000 pages).

The online documentation is available by clicking on the cover page of the documentation volume you are interested in:

Dataplot Reference Manual Volume 1: Commands Dataplot Reference Manual Volume 2: LET Subcommands and Library Functions

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