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Extreme Wind Speeds: Data Sets

Selected Data Sets for Extreme Wind Speeds The following data sets for extreme wind speeds are available at this site:
  1. Directional Wind Speeds
  2. Non-Directional Wind Speeds
  3. Daily Maximum Wind Speeds
  4. Texas Tech/CSU data
  5. Hurricane Wind Speeds
  6. An Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) site list is available for about 180 primary sites listed on To access the ASOS site list, once you are at the NCDC web site (courtesy of William Brown of the National Climatic Data Center):
    1. Click on "Start here" along the left margin.
    2. Click on "Inventories" at the bottom right.
    3. Click on the fourth link, "Inventories/Surface lists".
    4. Click on the second link, "Surface Inventories/Lists".
    5. The ASOS site list is the first link.
    Further information on anemometer elevation history and software for extracting wind speed data is available.
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