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Dataplot: Functions

Introduction DATAPLOT has an extensive library of built-in functions; these functions find valuable application in the LET, LET FUNCTION, FIT, PRE-FIT, PLOT, and 3D-PLOT commands.
Categories of Built-In Functions The built-in functions are divided into the following categories.
Distinction Between Library Functions and LET Subcommands Library functions are distinguished from LET subcommands in the following ways.
  • Functions enclose the input value in parenthesis. LET subcommands use spaces.

  • Functions can accept (and return) either parameters (i.e., single values) or variables (i.e., an array of values) while LET subcommands are specific in which they accept as input and what they return as output.

  • Functions can accept expressions while LET subcommands do not. For example, the following is legal:

      LET Y2 = ABS(Y1-INT(Y2))

    For LET subcommands, you typically have to do something like the following:

      LET YTEMP = Y**2 + 8

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