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Process or Product Monitoring and Control

This chapter presents techniques for monitoring and controlling processes and signaling when corrective actions are necessary.
1. Introduction
  1. History
  2. Process Control Techniques
  3. Process Control
  4. "Out of Control"
  5. "In Control" but Unacceptable
  6. Process Capability
2. Test Product for Acceptability
  1. Acceptance Sampling 
  2. Kinds of Sampling Plans
  3. Choosing a Single Sampling Plan
  4. Double Sampling Plans
  5. Multiple Sampling Plans
  6. Sequential Sampling Plans
  7. Skip Lot Sampling Plans
3. Univariate and Multivariate Control Charts
  1. Control Charts
  2. Variables Control Charts
  3. Attributes Control Charts
  4. Multivariate Control charts
4. Time Series Models
  1. Definitions, Applications and Techniques
  2. Moving Average or Smoothing Techniques
  3. Exponential Smoothing
  4. Univariate Time Series Models 
  5. Multivariate Time Series Models 
5. Tutorials
  1. What do we mean by "Normal" data?
  2. What to do when data are non-normal
  3. Elements of Matrix Algebra
  4. Elements of Multivariate Analysis
  5. Principal Components
6. Case Study
  1. Lithography Process Data
  2. Box-Jenkins Modeling Example
Detailed Table of Contents
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